Taiwan media criticized Lai Qingde’s plan to “transit” and flee to the United States: Abandoning “independence” is the real and pragmatic

Lai Qingde, deputy leader of the Taiwan region, planned to “transit” to visit the United States, which caused a public outcry. On August 12, the Taiwanese media “China Times” published an article criticizing Lai Qingde, emphasizing that “abandoning ‘independence’ is the real and pragmatic approach.” The “China Times” article stated…...

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A drunk woman was molested by a man at the entrance of a bar on the Internet. The police: she is a couple and has been severely criticized

On August 7, a video circulated on the Internet claimed that on the street, a woman was lying on the ground in “fragments” suspected of drinking, and was molested by a man. In response to this matter, on the afternoon of August 7, the staff of the Xiancun Police Station…...

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