Consumer demand is becoming increasingly diversified. Tang Binsen: The beverage industry has the potential to “cross the cycle”

At present, my country’s beverage market shows a rich and diversified development trend, with products, marketing and distribution channels becoming increasingly diversified. Therefore, the product life cycle has been significantly shortened, and soft drink companies need to comprehensively improve their comprehensive strength to cope with market changes. According to the…...

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Industry Observation: AI large model applications accelerate the implementation of the mobile phone industry and start a new round of innovation cycle

Take smartphones as an example. Based on a wide range of users, the built-in AI on mobile phones is more accessible to users and can be used without complicated steps. In addition, domestic mobile phone manufacturers localize large models, which will make it easier for a large number of users…...

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Has there been more people in Shanghai recently?The next cycle is predicted to be around November this fall

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on August 3 the national new coronavirus infection situation in July. In July, the number of fever clinics and severe cases in the country showed a fluctuating downward trend. Compared with June, the number of new severe cases and deaths reported…...

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