The pharmacy that was questioned as “doctor of the dead” was rumored to be “fake” again?Response: “Ye Kaitai” is the trademark in dispute

On September 2, a netizen posted an article saying: “My mother passed away suddenly two days after taking the traditional Chinese medicine prescribed by the Yekai Thai Medical Center (Hankou Branch) Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic.” to investigate. On September 4, the clinic involved was involved in a trademark dispute. On…...

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An accident on the way to the one-key power-on service caused a compensation dispute. Weilai: Cannot compensate for the total loss, and will continue to negotiate

Recently, Mr. Luo, a consumer from Wuxi, complained to the surging quality concept platform (http://tousu.thepaper.cn) reported that their family drove to Lishui, Zhejiang Province for fun. After making an appointment for the Weilai one-key power-up service, the Weilai staff drove his car to charge, and was later told that “the…...

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