Experts explain in detail the challenges faced by pregnant women with porcelain dolls: the risk of fracture is higher, breastfeeding is not recommended

From August 19th to August 22nd, the 8th Porcelain Doll Patient Conference in 2023 will be held in Shanghai. Scholars and multidisciplinary medical experts from medical genetics, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive centers, etc. conducted in-depth discussions on how porcelain dolls give birth to healthy babies. Sun Luming, chief physician and…...

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Investing in Shanghai Disney dolls yields 100%?Woman scammed by netizens tens of thousands of yuan

The return on investment is 100%, and the investment of 1,000 yuan returns 2,000 yuan? This “good thing” really happened to Ms. Fan. After the first taste of the sweetness, Ms. Fan continued to invest more than 10,000 yuan, but she did not expect that the principal and income were…...

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