Two batches of Japanese Miyagi oysters banned from import were seized for the first time after the Macau Chief Executive’s ban came into effect

The pictures in this article are all from the website of the Macao SAR Government According to the Municipal Affairs Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, on August 30, when the Municipal Affairs Bureau conducted a comprehensive radiation inspection of food imported from Japan at the airport, it…...

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Believe in “weight management teacher” to buy nearly 50,000 weight loss products without effect, check it is only ordinary food

“These weight loss products are not even health care products, but the other party’s words are very professional, and they will lure you to buy them step by step.” Recently, Ms. Chen complained to the surging quality concept platform (https://tousu.thepaper.cn) reflected that she added the WeChat account of “weight and…...

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