Why is it a hot search for a university teacher to take out food? The contrast is enough to attract the eye, and the experience is enough to “distract”

Source: Visual China Recently, an article titled “In the Winter of 2022, I’ll Deliver Food in Linyi City” went viral on the Internet. The author is a professor in a university. Taking his one-month food delivery experience as an example, he described the hardships of the industry, the difficulty of…...

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Jiang Shanliang, an official from the Anhui Department who “sees money with an eye”, was tried and accused of accepting more than 8 million yuan in bribes

Wuhu court WeChat official account map Jiang Liangliang, the former vice-chairman of the Huangshan CPPCC in Anhui Province, who was previously criticized for “seeing money and not being in awe”, has recently been tried. According to the WeChat public account “Wuhu Court”, on August 25, the Wuhu City Intermediate Court…...

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