State Forestry and Grassland Administration: Fight hard to control the “several bends” of the Yellow River desert

On August 28, The Paper ( learned from the National Forestry and Grassland Administration that in the next ten years, the Three North Project Yellow River “Jizi Bend” area will be dominated by Mu Us Sandy Land, Kubuqi, Ulanbu and Desert Focusing on governance, through the implementation of a number…...

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Ministry of Water Resources: Make every effort to fight drought and ensure water supply in the four provinces of Mengning, Gansu and Qinghai

Li Guoying, deputy commander of the National Defense Command and Minister of Water Resources, presided over a special meeting of the Ministry of Water Resources on the 15th. He stated that the goal is to ensure the safety of drinking water for urban and rural residents, to ensure the safety…...

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