Two men in Yanting, Sichuan Province were sentenced for fishing with live loach in the forbidden fishing area. The judge: It seems that fishing is actually illegal fishing

Recently, two men in Yanting County, Sichuan Province were sentenced to four months or three months of criminal detention by the Yanting County People’s Court for illegally catching aquatic products because they fished in the wrong way at the wrong time and place, and were compensated. The loss of fishery…...

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Navigational warning!Military missions will be carried out in the northern part of the Yellow Sea in the Bohai Strait, and it is forbidden to enter

Liao Aviation Police 179/23, north of the Yellow Sea in the Bohai Strait, sinceFrom 16:00 on August 13 to 16:00 on August 20Perform military missions within the line connecting the points of 38-51.7N121-38.2E, 38-34.2N121-38.2E, 38-33.9N121-07.9E, and 38-48.2N121-14.1E. No entry. Charity In China reported , all right reserved...

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