The more than 7 million Cowherd and Weaver Girl sculptures in Lushan sparked controversy. The company involved once won a bid of over 4 million sculptures in a neighboring county

This year’s Qixi Festival, the “Cowherd and Weaver Girl” sculpture in Lushan County, Henan Province was unveiled. Subsequently, this sculpture, which cost 7.15 million yuan to build, aroused public attention and heated discussions. Whether it is necessary to spend huge sums of money to build statues in Lushan County, which…...

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The girl who “discounted her parents’ cold vegetable stand” reported to Tsinghua University: she didn’t feel pressured by the attention

A group photo of Wu Minlu (middle) and her parents in front of Tsinghua Academy.Photo provided by the interviewee “‘My daughter was admitted to Tsinghua University’s parents’ cold vegetable stall discount’ caused heated discussions and the store closed. This may be regarded as a ‘misinformation’.” Wu Minlu, who officially enrolled…...

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The man sent a sexual harassment message to the underage girl, causing conflict: the girl’s family was accused of extortion, and the prosecution decided not to prosecute

According to news from Hunan Red Net’s “Wanzheng Hunan” platform, the Public Security Bureau of Lanshan County, Yongzhou, Hunan recently responded to a netizen Zhou’s report that “the police station in Tushi town is suspected of disguising the scene of the crime, abusing power, and extorting confessions through torture”: there…...

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