Morning and evening rush hours are congested, but bus lanes are relatively idle. Can these roads in Shanghai be further optimized?

“To the south of the outer ring of Hutai Road, the most congested is the intersection of Hutai Road and Shangda Road. During peak hours, social vehicles have to wait for three red lights to pass. It takes about 5 minutes to see buses passing by on this road section.…...

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Six years after the forced house demolition, the land is still idle, and the demolished households challenged the “excessive expropriation” and sued the district government

Six years after Sun Keming’s house was demolished, the land is still vacant.The pictures in this article are provided by the interviewees On August 21, Sun Keming came to the company’s freight yard he was familiar with, and in front of him was a wasteland overgrown with weeds. “Sure enough,…...

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