Cooperation in new areas such as green development and traditional Chinese medicine has yielded fruitful results in jointly building the “Belt and Road” initiative.

On the morning of December 15, the National Development and Reform Commission held a special press conference. Xu Jianping, Director of the Regional Opening Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, released six blue books on the “One Belt, One Road” series, and jointly held a special press conference…...

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Gain advantages, gain initiative, and win the future to implement a more proactive opening-up strategy

[Summary of views] China will open up to the outside world on a larger scale, in a wider field, and at a deeper level. Since the beginning of this year, China has introduced a package of policies that have effectively promoted the orderly and free flow of international and domestic…...

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General Administration of Customs: Relevant personnel from countries where monkeypox outbreaks occurred should take the initiative to declare when entering the country

General Administration of Customs Announcement No. 100 of 2023 (Announcement on Preventing the Introduction of Monkeypox Epidemic to my country) Since May 2022, monkeypox has continued to spread widely in many regions of the world. So far, 113 countries (regions) have reported more than 89,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox, including…...

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