Providing irrigation water for 410,000 acres of cultivated land, the main project of Jintangchong Reservoir in Hunan has started construction

“In the new year, we start the project with the start of construction. After the project is completed, it will provide reliable irrigation water sources for 410,000 acres of cultivated land and contribute to national food security.” said Wang Jinfeng, deputy director of the Yiyang Water Conservancy Bureau in Hunan…...

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Protecting the “lifeblood” of food security, the Xiangshuidong Aqueduct in Hubei’s largest irrigation district has successfully turned around and merged.

Xiangshuidong aqueduct rotation construction site.Photo provided by interviewee People’s Daily Online, Beijing, January 5 (Ouyang Yijia) Water conservancy is repaired in winter, and water conservancy is maintained in summer. According to the Ministry of Water Resources, on the first working day of 2024, Hubei Province’s “14th Five-Year Plan” irrigation district…...

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Arms sales expenditures have led to a new high in the military budget of the Taiwan authorities next year. Experts: The structure is unbalanced and the irrigation is serious

The news of a substantial increase in the military budget of the Taiwan authorities has recently aroused continued attention from public opinion on the island. According to news from the island media Zhongshi News on August 25, the overall military budget of the Taiwan authorities next year will reach NT$606.8…...

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