Green license plate at the front, blue license plate at the rear?A man was arrested for forging a license plate to enter and leave the community to save parking fees

The front license plate of the car is green and the rear license plate is blue. Recently, the Shanghai Songjiang police successfully detected a case of using a forged motor vehicle license plate. The offender Xie has been sentenced to administrative detention, 12 points on the driver’s license and a…...

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Citizens claim that temporary license plate applications for car purchase subsidies have been rejected, Fuzhou Bureau of Commerce: Will review again

In order to boost consumer confidence and stimulate the automobile consumer market, the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce launched two rounds of car purchase subsidy activities in May and June this year, distributing 15 million yuan in car purchase subsidies. However, Ms. Ni, who bought the car on May 1,…...

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