The former office director of a college in Shanghai was sentenced to prison for organizing cheating and tampering with scores in the physical education examination.

As a staff member of a college in Shanghai, the man Ge Moumou took advantage of his position as the supervisor of the football test for the 2022 General College Sports Training, Martial Arts and National Traditional Sports Major Admissions Examination (hereinafter referred to as the “Sports Singles”) to accept…...

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Soliciting gamblers, organizing smuggling, and cross-border promotion of gambling app gangs committed three crimes

Network anchors organize personnel to promote foreign gambling apps, attract domestic gamblers to recharge for gambling, and organize personnel to smuggle abroad in an attempt to escape punishment. The Yixing City Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province filed a public prosecution. Recently, the court sentenced Tang Moumou and 19 people to fixed-term…...

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