There are more than 3 million professional and technical talents in Shanghai. This conference will create a high-level exchange and innovation platform

From August 24th to 25th, Shanghai held the first professional and technical personnel and project docking conference. It is reported that the total number of professional and technical personnel in Shanghai has exceeded 3 million. High-level talents, engineers, post-doctoral… These professional and technical talents gathered at the conference with their…...

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To praise the good habits of citizens who love to read, and to build a cultural platform serving the whole country, Gong Zheng is inspecting the Shanghai Book Fair

The 2023 Shanghai Book Fair and “Scholarly China” Shanghai Week kicked off. Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and mayor, came to the Shanghai Book Fair this morning to experience the cultural atmosphere of reading for all with book lovers. Gong Zheng pointed out,It is necessary…...

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Worried about the leakage of personal information: The official marriage and love platform in Fangchenggang City, Guangxi has been tried for half a year and the results are not good

According to the news from People’s Daily Online’s “Leadership Message Board” on August 8, in response to netizens’ suggestions on “creating a formal official platform for dating and dating”, the officials of Fangchenggang City, Guangxi revealed in their reply that Fangchenggang City relied on a certain group organization to develop…...

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