The security guy plans to be introduced by the Baotou Judicial Bureau as a talent: he passed the legal examination when he was a security guard in the procuratorate

Recently, the Judicial Bureau of Baotou City, Inner Mongolia plans to introduce a security guard as a talent, which has attracted attention. Related announcements show that this security guard has a bachelor’s degree, obtained a legal professional qualification certificate A, and recommended talents for the Baotou City Procuratorate. On the…...

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The Chenzhou anti-drug police accused the former head of the anti-drug detachment of bending the law for personal gain, and the procuratorate: it has been transferred to the Discipline Inspection Commission

Huang Bailian, an anti-drug policeman from the Chenzhou City Public Security Bureau in Hunan Province, has made new progress in accusing Zhang, the former head of the anti-drug detachment of the bureau, of bending the law for personal gain. On August 29, Huang Bailian told The Paper that the Chenzhou…...

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Disinfection product manufacturers illegally add prohibited substances for profit, and the procuratorate severely punishes them

In view of the production and sales of antibacterial (antibacterial) preparations with prohibited substances added in violation of regulations by disinfection product manufacturers, the subjective malignancy is large, the product involves a wide range, and the illegal behavior lasts for a long time. get the punishment they deserve. On August…...

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