There are more than 3 million professional and technical talents in Shanghai. This conference will create a high-level exchange and innovation platform

From August 24th to 25th, Shanghai held the first professional and technical personnel and project docking conference. It is reported that the total number of professional and technical personnel in Shanghai has exceeded 3 million. High-level talents, engineers, post-doctoral… These professional and technical talents gathered at the conference with their…...

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A professional and special new enterprise in Chongqing was accused of pyramid schemes, and the court ruled to suspend the trial after the end of the first-instance trial

The trial of a crime of organizing and leading pyramid schemes in Chongqing was suspended. The Nan’an District Court issued a criminal ruling on July 26 stating that due to irresistible reasons during the trial, the court could not continue the trial for a long period of time and ruled…...

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