The 40 million oil depot built by a private enterprise was rejected due to the “business adjustment” of CGNPC, and the appeals of both parties were rejected at the first instance

He invested 40 million yuan in advance to build a 20,000-cubic-meter refined oil depot, but was “rejected” after it was completed. Jiangxi businessman Wang Yunhua has been busy with this matter for five years. The 20,000 cubic meters of refined oil depot involved in the case.The pictures in this article…...

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Citizens claim that temporary license plate applications for car purchase subsidies have been rejected, Fuzhou Bureau of Commerce: Will review again

In order to boost consumer confidence and stimulate the automobile consumer market, the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce launched two rounds of car purchase subsidy activities in May and June this year, distributing 15 million yuan in car purchase subsidies. However, Ms. Ni, who bought the car on May 1,…...

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