The body of a cadre of Shanxi Yushe Culture and Tourism Bureau was found in the reservoir, and the official said he suffered from depression

Recently, the discovery of a male body in the Shuangfeng Reservoir in Yushe County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, the deceased is Wang Jun, a senior cadre of the Yushe County Culture and Tourism Bureau, has attracted attention. Regarding this matter, on the morning of September 6, a reporter from Dawan…...

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Lost contact for 33 hours: the power station in the deep mountains, the reservoir beyond the flood limit and 14 employees

Stationmaster Zhou Junjie is considered an “old man” in the Xiaweidian Hydropower Station. He has worked in this power station surrounded by mountains on three sides for more than 30 years. It was the first time he experienced such a long period of continuous rain, and it was the first…...

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