After the divorce, a “war to seize children” is staged, and those who hide their children may be included in the Shanghai court as dishonest persons subject to execution

Before and after a divorce battle, it is often accompanied by a protracted “war for children”. In recent years, the number of marriage and family rights protection complaints accepted by the Shanghai Women’s Federation about “robbing, hiding children and refusing to visit” has been increasing year by year. To this…...

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Is “50 yuan for 20 minutes of prison video interview” subject to bidding?Hebei Prison Administration: We are discussing related disputes

Recently, in a prison in Hebei Province, “relatives’ online video visits are charged 50 yuan each time for 20 minutes”, which has aroused the attention and doubts of netizens. The Paper learned that the relevant video meeting platform is a WeChat applet called “Family Meeting”, and the main company is…...

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