A multi-person gang has been entrenched in northern Myanmar for a long time for transnational “telephone fraud”. The first criminal was sentenced to 15 years by a court in Jiangxi

On August 26, the Jiangxi High Court issued a typical case of cracking down on telecommunications and network fraud and related crimes. Among them, a “transnational” fraud case based on an online gambling platform was disclosed. According to reports, starting in June 2018, a criminal gang headed by defendants Xie…...

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The 19-year-old guy’s dream of “telephone gold rush”: Why is he still trapped in Southeast Asia after paying the ransom?

19-year-old Zhu Zhi (pseudonym) fell into a wire fraud trap with a dream of gold mining. After paying a ransom of 2,000 US dollars, he was still trapped overseas until he was found by domestic police and persuaded to return. The Paper Senior Reporter Zhu Yiyi Video Editor Hai Ri…...

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Lost in Northern Myanmar: Violence, Trafficking, Extortion and Telephone Fraud, Stowaways Become “Walking Money”

Reporters from The Paper recently went to the “Golden Triangle” at the border between Thailand and Myanmar, interviewed many people who had worked or lived in northern Myanmar, and learned more about the current situation in northern Myanmar. (02:34) When night falls, fireworks will be set off from time to…...

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