Yu Huaying’s abduction and trafficking case of 11 children will be pronounced on September 18. During the trial, the prosecutor recommended the death penalty.

On September 13, The Paper ( learned from Wang Wenguang, the attorney for Yang Niuhua, a woman who had successfully sought her relatives after being abducted for more than 20 years, that the Guiyang Intermediate Court would open on September 18 (Monday) 10 At that time, a public hearing was…...

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Lost in Northern Myanmar: Violence, Trafficking, Extortion and Telephone Fraud, Stowaways Become “Walking Money”

Reporters from The Paper recently went to the “Golden Triangle” at the border between Thailand and Myanmar, interviewed many people who had worked or lived in northern Myanmar, and learned more about the current situation in northern Myanmar. (02:34) When night falls, fireworks will be set off from time to…...

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