After the woman from northern Myanmar returned to China, she “organized her own team” to launder money for wire fraudsters, and was seized by Wuhan police in one fell swoop

According to reports from the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, recently, the Hongshan police in Wuhan have dug deep into a telecommunications fraud involving a value of 476,000 yuan. The “industrial chain” of money laundering services, 8 people were detained, and 80,000 yuan in cash, 200 grams of gold, and…...

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The returnee tells the real life of wire fraud: driven by knives and guns, it is more cruel than “All or Nothing”

In the past few days, the box office of the new Internet fraud-themed film “All or Nothing”, which hit the pain points of countless viewers, has exceeded 1 billion. Based on tens of thousands of real cases of wire fraud, the film reveals the current new trend-fraud groups are targeting…...

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