To prevent freshmen from worrying about university tuition fees, East China University of Technology delivers the “green channel” to their door

“I didn’t expect to be able to ‘check in with bags’ when I went to university. I’m so touched!” said Li Chen, a freshman of 2023 at East China University of Science and Technology. During the summer vacation one year ago, Xundian Minority Middle School, where Li Chen studied, held…...

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The owner complained that the quality of the new house was worrying and the promised school district was invalid. The developer staff said it was not true

Concrete cracking at the water pipe in the bathroom All pictures in this article are provided by the interviewee Recently, Ms. Ou from Guangxi complained to the surging quality concept platform (https://tousu.thepaper.cn) reflected that in October 2021, she purchased an ordinary commercial house in Shengshihaoting from Guangxi Huanjiang Zhongxing Real…...

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