The 2023 World Design City Conference opens in Shanghai on September 26, and there will be nearly a hundred activities

On September 13, Shanghai held a press conference to introduce the 2023 World Design Capital Conference and answer reporters’ questions.

Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, said that since Shanghai joined the United Nations “Creative Cities Network” in 2010 and became a “City of Design”, it has accelerated the gathering of outstanding design companies and design talents, and innovative design results have continued to emerge, with international and domestic influence. Increasing day by day. This year will usher in the second World Design Capital Conference. This conference is hosted by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and the preparations have entered the sprint stage.

The main session of the 2023 World Design Capital Conference is from September 26th to 28th, and the exhibitions and activities will continue until October 2nd. The main venue is located on the Huangpu Riverside. Both sides of the Huangpu River and the Su River are linked together, and all districts in the city respond and interact. The theme of this year’s conference is “Design without Boundaries Creates Everything”.The overall presentation is an activity structure of “1+2+3+10+X”that is, 1 opening ceremony, dual layout at home and overseas, 3 summits, nearly 100 summit forums, release ceremonies, fashion shows and design carnivals in 10 major design fields, and X city-wide, overseas and online linkage activities .

The first is to build a global design cooperation and exchange platform.This conference is committed to planning “World Wave” and creating an international event where Chinese and foreign creativity complement each other. The conference highlights the global perspective, invites UNESCO and the China National Committee for UNESCO as supporting units of the conference, and will release cooperation projects between Shanghai and UNESCO. A global “Creative City” design summit was held, inviting representatives from 43 cities in 29 countries to participate online and offline to discuss future urban design and launch the Shanghai plan and indicator system.

The forum gathers global wisdom. The conference invites representatives from global design industry organizations, top design schools, design masters, academician experts and leading companies to share their views. The number of speakers is expected to exceed 1,000. The “Shanghai International Design 100” think tank and the “International Design 100” summit spearheaded by Tongji University will discuss the construction of “design-innovative” cities.

The event gathers global resources, and the main exhibition features the world’s “Design Capital” network exhibition area, the Italian guest of honor exhibition area and the Nordic joint exhibition area. During the same period, it will also link up with the London Design Festival and Milan Fashion Week to hold the “Design Shanghai Airlines” series of activities in London and the “Shanghai Fashion Day” show and exhibition in Milan.

The second is to explore the path of design-led high-quality development.The conference embodies the “science and technology paradigm”, presents the application of AIGC technology, pays great attention to design to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, continues to create new products, cultivate new models and new business formats, and turns “shows” into “markets”.

To set the benchmark for industry innovation, the 2023 “Shanghai Design 100+” outstanding design results will be released during the conference. The list is selected from 2,542 works from 18 countries including China, the United States, France, Italy, and Spain, and showcases design talent with outstanding cases. The innovative achievements of energy industry, lighting up life, serving cities and providing insight into the future. The shortlisted products have achieved sales of 51.8 billion yuan, and the total sales in the product life cycle are expected to reach 470 billion yuan. Many companies such as Bright Dairy and Zhengxian Electronics will also hold special launch events.

To promote win-win industrial cooperation, the conference will release a number of creative design industry projects such as Shanghai Zhixing Design Valley, NICE2035 Chifeng Road International Design Street, and Design Financial Support Platform. Carefully build a home exhibition consisting of an industry pavilion, a fashion pavilion, etc., with a total area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters. More than 100 leading international and domestic companies have been selected to participate in the exhibition, presenting the latest interpretation of design-driven industrial innovation, empowering a better life, and serving urban construction, demonstrating the driving ability of design to promote industrial development from 1 to 100.

Looking forward to the future industry blueprint, the “Future Design” summit was held, focusing on the five major industrial clusters of future health, future intelligence, future energy, future space, and future materials, and inviting domestic and foreign academicians and experts to discuss design to gain insights into the future and look forward to find “nuclear explosion points.”

The third is to promote design everywhere in cities and life.Design makes people’s cities more attractive. This conference depicts and presents the “national trend” and brings the public the pleasant experience of design creating a better life. We are soliciting ideas from all over the world, launching an international solicitation for architectural design plans for the Shanghai Industrial Museum, building a landmark building on the bank of the Pujiang River, and transforming the birthplace of modern industry into an “intelligent manufacturing bureau” and “living circle” in the new era through creative design.

Facing the frontier to encourage new ideas, the second Frontier Design Innovation Award will be awarded to commend representatives and design works that have made pioneering contributions to the field of design around the world, leading the development and breakthroughs of design innovation.

Create a life design carnival, led by Donghua University and Shanghai University, to bring everyone popular design products and experiences such as Hanfu, handicrafts, outdoor, and trendy toys. Mobilize various districts, cultural and creative parks and industry associations to select more than 20 special design activities, including Xiaohongshu Road Design Festival, World Smart Mobility Design Forum, “Songjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Visual Bloom” design exhibition, etc., so that everyone can participate deeply This is an urban design feast with both characteristics and scale, as well as immersive interactive communication.

The 2023 World Design City Conference opens in Shanghai on September 26, and there will be nearly a hundred activities -The-2023-World-Design-City-Conference-opens-in-Shanghai-on

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission

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