The 89-person passenger plane in Myanmar was safely forced to land due to landing gear failure thanks to the pilot! – – China News Net, May 12th, comprehensive foreign media reported that on the morning of the 12th local time, Myanmar National Airlines a flight from Yangon to Mandalay, due to the failure of the nose landing gear, a belly landing in Mandalay The international airport was forced to land. Fortunately, 82 passengers and 7 crew members were safe and no one was injured. The aircraft was finally safely landed, thanks to experienced pilots.

According to the report, on the morning of the 12th local time, Myanmar’s UB-103 flight encountered “trouble” when landing at Mandalay International Airport – the nose landing gear could not be opened normally.

Ye Htut Aung, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Myanmar, said that (at the time of landing) the pilot repeatedly tried to put down the landing gear on the front of the aircraft – first through system operation and then manually.

Yetuon said that they worked twice in two rounds to try to reduce flying fuel and asked the air traffic control tower to check if the front landing gear was lowered. He said that this is a “technical failure.”

He said, “So they can only land with the rear wheel… the pilot can land skillfully.” “No casualties.” The pilot is said to have extensive flight experience and is a flight instructor.

Yetuon also said that the Myanmar national airline is sending engineers to Mandalay to inspect the aircraft and added that all aircraft are inspected daily.

One passenger on the flight said: “We had a little smoke when we landed… all passengers are very good.”

This is the second aircraft failure in Myanmar in less than a week.

A few days ago, a plane of the Bangladeshi Airlines (Biman Bangladesh Airlines) slipped off the runway when it landed at Yangon airport in Myanmar, injuring 11 passengers.

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