The dance drama "Wake and Lion" makes a new spring


The dance drama "Wake and Lion" makes a new spring -The-dance-drama-quotWake-and-Lionquot-makes-a-new-spring


The dance drama "Wake and Lion" makes a new spring -1549696728_674_The-dance-drama-quotWake-and-Lionquot-makes-a-new-spring


The dance drama "Wake and Lion" makes a new spring -1549696729_564_The-dance-drama-quotWake-and-Lionquot-makes-a-new-spring

Dong Xiaolin

The dance drama "Wake and Lion" makes a new spring -1549696729_410_The-dance-drama-quotWake-and-Lionquot-makes-a-new-spring

"Wake Up Lion"

The Lunar New Year is booming, and the Guangzhou stage will be welcoming a new round of performances! The joyful Guangzhou New Year Concert, the Oscar-winning soundtrack master John Williams's film music, the violinist Repin's dazzling concerto night, the hilarious comedy "Shakespeare is not angry", the large-scale national dance drama "Wake the Lion"… …concerts, comedy, dance dramas, there is always a person you like, immersed in the joy of the festival, don't miss it.

Planning: Xu Hui

Text / Guangzhou Daily full media reporter Zhang Suqin


Guangzhou New Year Concert, send a colorful blessing of auspicious harmony

Every new year, Guangzhou audiences can always hear wonderful and festive folk music concerts. On the evening of February 16 (the first month of the first month), the 2019 Guangzhou New Year Concert will be staged to bring the audience a whole year of joy and harmony! The concert was performed by Liu Sha, the permanent conductor of the Central National Orchestra, and played by the Guangdong National Orchestra. In particular, the Central National Orchestra’s chief Dong Xiaolin played the sound of elegant plucking. The Chinese Conservatory’s flute player Zhang Jian will show the bamboo flute. The wind, the Chinese singer of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the tenor singer Hao Liangliang will sing a classic song of joy and joy.

In the "2019 Guangzhou New Year Concert", Dong Xiaolin will cooperate with the Guangdong National Orchestra for the first time to perform her representative work 琵琶 Concerto "Tian Di Ge". The work was created by the famous composer Zhang Chao. The premiere was Dong Xiaolin, who broke through many fingerings, rhythms and techniques that were difficult to accomplish on the raft.

The concert will also feature another masterpiece by composer Zhang Chao, the national orchestral suite "The Colorful". The work is inspired by the colorful radiance of the sun. The work is divided into seven movements, which express the cultural connotation and spirit of the seven ethnic minorities in Yunnan.

Light and shadow, listen to the film music of the Oscar-winning soundtrack master

On the evening of February 14th, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and the Xinghai Concert Hall will jointly create a light and shadow repertoire – the John Williams Film Concert will be held at the Xinghai Concert Hall. Under the performance of Guangjiao, following the classic screen of the big screen, the audience will once again enter the light and shadow years to listen to John Williams's film music.

The "Light and Shadow Remains – John Williams Film Concert" was performed by the young conductor Yu Ji, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, and the audience was revisited with an audio-visual concert – "Star Wars" and "Great White Shark" "Schindler's List", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Harry Potter"…

Dance by music, Wang Hao clarinet concert to trace the cultural roots of the nation

On the evening of February 14, Wang Hao’s “Music of Dance” clarinet solo concert will be staged at the Experimental Theatre of the Guangzhou Grand Theatre. Super popular cross-border artist Wang Wei will perform a new dance of the souls of all ethnic groups with clarinet. From France, Spain, Germany, Austria to the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and then to Venezuela and Argentina, Wang Hao will lead the audience through a deep soul travel, and follow the clarinet to find the cultural roots of each nation.

Wang Hao is the most watched clarinet player in China today. He is currently a professor and master tutor at the Central Conservatory of Music. Young and handsome, he is very popular among young people. He has an Olympic champion, Liu Wei. Wang Hao is currently a contract artist for Universal Music. In August 2018, Wang Hao released the third studio album "Spin·Spin" in the world. The social platform fans exceeded one million and became the world's first wind musician with millions of fans.

The most perfect violinist in the mind of Menuhin, Repin, is coming to show off his skills.

"Repin is the best and most perfect violinist I have been fortunate to listen to." Repin in the mouth of Menuhin was once a rare violin prodigy. Vadim Repin will be working with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra for the first time on February 27th, directed by Jing Huan. There are two violin concertos in the repertoire – Max Bruch, "The First Violin Concerto in G Minor" and Shel Gay Prokofiev's First Violin Concerto in D Major.

Repin is a Belgian Russian violinist born in Siberia in 1971. At the age of 17, Repin became the youngest gold winner in the Elizabeth International Violin Competition in the world's top violin competition.

The fiery passion is accompanied by flawless skills, poetic and emotional performance, and is regarded by the critics as "rebe features." Repin and Menuhin have a relationship of 7 years and a friend. The violin used by Repin was the "Rode" made in 1733 by the Italian violin master Antonio Stradivari.

This concert will feature two famous concertos. The melody of Bruch's "First Violin Concerto" has some sweet sadness and has the performance that the performers love. Although the form is an ordinary three-piece movement, it is much more free than the general form of the concerto and has an aesthetic sense in expressing the melody. The image and technical technique of Prokofiev's "First Violin Concerto" is very novel, which makes it stand on the concert stage. The lyrical image in the music, the deep feelings of fullness and the optimistic affirmation of life are always noticed.

The dance drama "Wake and Lion" returns to the Guangzhou Grand Theatre

From February 22nd to 24th, the large-scale national dance drama "Wake and Lion", which won the 11th Chinese Dance "Lotus Award" dance drama award, will be upgraded to the stage of the Guangzhou Grand Theatre and accompany the Guangzhou audience to make a new spring.

The dance drama "Wake Up and Lion" takes the Opium War more than 100 years ago as the background of the story, and uses the Sanyuanli anti-British uprising as a burst point to tell the story of the two lion dance teenagers who face love and hate, and the self-awareness of the family and the country. The metamorphosis reflects the indomitable spirit of resistance of the children of Nanyue and shows the process of the Chinese nation's awakening and resistance to obtain dignity and strength.

"Wake up the lion" for 5 years to grind a play. The main creative team has repeatedly visited the Sanyuanli Village, Chenjiatun, Foshan Ancestral Temple and other places to fully understand Lingnan history and culture, folk traditional dance, lion dance, and Nanquan. "The lion" general director, Guangzhou Song and Dance Theatre Dean Shi Qiang believes that "it shows the Guangzhou story, the Chinese spirit, the oriental charm, and has made great breakthroughs in inheritance and innovation. We will lion dance, Nanquan and other folks in Guangdong. The art and non-legacy cultures are organically integrated, the temperament is very unique, and a good Guangzhou story is told, and the narrative is very high. This work also shows the profound cultural heritage of Guangzhou to national experts and audiences."

The spirit of "Wake and Lion" is high-spirited, and the martial arts winds ignite the audience. The martial arts fragments of the boxing to the meat make the audience enjoy themselves. Dance, martial arts, and lion dances are integrated into the "Wake and Lion", creating the unique Lingnan dance vocabulary for the first time, showing Lingnan masculinity. The drums of the agitation, the magnificent music, the full emotions of the actors, the folk songs of the Sanyuanli anti-British period, "The Song of Victory"… directly hit the hearts of the people, all let the audience boil.

"As a Guangzhou person, I can see tears!" "This is a man's play! Very masculine!" Many viewers who have seen "Wake Up Lion" said so. "Wake and Lion" has been re-enacted this time, and many viewers have already said that they want to "two brushes."

Hilarious comedy

"Shakespeare is not angry", the drama makes people laugh from the beginning to the end

A 10-minute drama actually played 3 different versions of 3 different times. Is it a performance or a rehearsal? The sound engineer is improvising and adding sound effects while drinking, is it a plot need or a stage accident? The supporting roles are rushing, the directors are fleeing, and the father and the daughter are free to walk between the audience and the stage… Happy Twist, the hilarious comedy "Shakespeare is not angry" will be staged at the Friendship Theatre from February 14th to 16th.

"Shakespeare is not angry" turned the official performance stage into a rehearsal field, bringing the audience to the show. In the play, "Happy Twist" returns to the traditional drama structure – "Three Ones", relying on the most basic drama conflicts and contrasting situations to create jokes. The most common sound effects and lighting in the performances will also become the help of comedy. Turn the comedy new tricks. Although the novel experimental performance form makes the audience a little nervous, but the misplaced baggage of the ring makes the audience laugh from the opening to the end.


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