The first round of supervision and rectification of the central government’s special campaign against evils: destroying “bad forces”


The first round of supervision and rectification of the central government’s special campaign against evils: destroying “bad forces” -The-first-round-of-supervision-and-rectification-of-the-central-government’s-special-campaign-against-evils-destroying-“bad-forces”

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On January 31, the reporter learned from the Office of the Leading Group for the National Anti-Violence and Defence Special Struggle that as of the end of December 2018, the 10 provinces and cities that had been supervised by the central government in the first round of the special campaign against evil had been rectified. During the rectification period, 10 provinces and municipalities destroyed 100 criminal organizations involved in black crimes, destroyed 1129 criminal groups of evil forces, seized, frozen, and detained 4.943 billion yuan of assets involved in the investigation, and investigated 2,896 pieces of 3,921 people involved in corruption and "protection umbrellas". The social security environment has been significantly improved, the social atmosphere of the party-style political style has clearly improved, and the people's sense of security and satisfaction have increased significantly.

In accordance with the requirements of the "National Work Plan for the Supervision of the Specialized Anti-Violence and Destruction" issued by the Central Office and the State Council, and the overall arrangement for the supervision of the central government's special campaign for the elimination of evils, from July to September 2018, the central government eliminated the evils. The -10 supervisory team conducted a one-month supervision on the special struggles against evils in Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Chongqing, and Sichuan. The supervisory teams gave feedback to the 10 provincial and municipal party committees and governments to supervise the rectification opinions, and put forward 161 categories of 811 rectification suggestions and 181 accountability suggestions, and handed over 6313 key supervision clues. According to the requirements of the supervision groups of the central government, the 10 provinces and municipalities carefully studied and deployed and refined the rectification measures. By the end of December 2018, 10 provinces and municipalities had submitted reports on the implementation of rectification, and the central supervision team gave feedback to the provincial and municipal governments. The specific problem has been basically rectified.

Hebei adhered to the “five checks and three guarantees” of the clue verification work, verified 10033 clues involving black and evil, and settled 8656, with a completion rate of 86.3%, which was 46% higher than that of the central supervision group. All the 391 clues handed over by the Central Supervision Team were verified and settled, 37 cases involving black and evil cases were cracked, and 148 other illegal crime cases were cracked. Adhere to the weekly dispatch, and supervise the 57 cases involving black and black-related cases in four batches. During the rectification period, 11 black-related organizations and 168 criminal groups were involved. The key areas of the public security situation, which are named by the Central Supervision Team, are listed and supervised. One by one, the three types of 20 accountability issues handed over by the Central Supervision Team were verified one by one, and 142 people were held accountable. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Administration has filed a total of 1,017 investigations and investigations, involving 3 bureaucrat-level cadres and 55 county-level cadres, giving 556 party and government administrative sanctions, taking 51 lien measures and transferring them to 35 judicial organs. The number of cases filed, disposed of, and at the level of the department increased by 87.9%, 64.9%, and 66.7%, respectively, at the end of the central supervision.

Shanxi established a provincial-level leadership joint package to promote the rectification work mechanism, and selected five leading cadres at the departmental level to be relatively fixed as the head of the supervision team to strengthen the normal supervision. According to the 1047 clues supervised by the Central Supervision Team, 42 suspected criminal suspects were found from Zhongxin, 418 criminal cases and 112 public security cases. A number of major underworld organizations, such as Chen Moumou and Zou Moumou, were destroyed. The number of black-related organizations and gangs involved in the crimes were 78.4% and 53% higher than those of the central supervisory group. The industry regulatory authorities detected 3,7 points of black-related guilty clues, an increase of 38.7% compared with the central supervisory group. In response to the 18 questions and clues in the accountability list, we intensified our efforts to thoroughly investigate and blame 239 people. We investigated and dealt with more than 1,000 people involved in corruption and “protection umbrellas” throughout the year, and seriously investigated and handled the provincial prison administration. The director Wang and other political and legal cadres involved in corruption and corruption, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Administration of the county, the county party committee secretaries of Wenxi and Liulin, respectively, have been severely warned and publicly exposed.

Liaoning organized five major actions, such as “starting the bottom” action, assigning clues to “clear” actions, dig deep into the “root removal” action, accountability and accountability, “responsibility” action, and case-based “strong base” action. . Breakthrough progress was made in the case of Dalian Jingmou, Dandong “Song Family” and other major black and evil cases. The key industries and key areas were used to guide the troubles. The “zero report” problem of the seven provincial market supervision departments and eight forestry departments has been rectified. Adhering to the rectification of weak and weak grassroots party organizations as an important measure to strengthen rural grassroots party building and eradicate the evil forces of the black and evil forces, the 1222 weak and loose village (community) party organizations that have been included in the rectification have been reorganized. During the rectification period, 378 cases involving rot and umbrella cases were investigated and handled, and 320 people were handled. All 14 cities were eliminated from the case, and the original deputy mayor of Dandong City, Liu Moumou, was involved in black corruption and acts as a "protective umbrella" for black and evil forces. case.

Fujian established a “zero-cue” regional and departmental leadership endorsement commitment and responsibility review system, and effectively verified 2,674 leads to the central supervision team, with a verification rate of 94.9%. During the rectification period, 24 criminal organizations involving black crimes were destroyed, and 91 criminal groups of evil forces were destroyed. Nine districts and cities have achieved “zero breakthrough” in black-related cases. Focus on the investigation of the Wangping project in Nanping City, and the case of Zengmou in Zhangping City. The provincial-level political and legal departments have supervised 118 cases involving black-related evils, and concentrated judgments on 50 cases involving 313 people involved in black and evil, forming a strong momentum. The special campaign to eliminate evils and smuggling out of the country and the special slashing out of the scams of the "100-day battle" of the swearing-out ceremony were carried out, and the swindlers were subjected to the "five uniforms" measures such as dismantling the money to build houses, recovering the money involved, and collecting passports. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Administration has 16 accountability suggestions for the three aspects pointed out by the Central Supervision Team. It is the first time to check and handle, and 265 cadres are held accountable.

The 35 cases supervised by the Central Supervision Team in Shandong have been investigated and terminated for review and prosecution, of which 12 were valid. We will intensify efforts to rectify the weak and weak grassroots party organizations, and reorganize 2,895 party organizations and 197 urban community party organizations in the weak and scattered villages, accounting for 91.7% and 96.6% of the total. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Administration implemented the accountability measures on a case-by-case basis. The 14 accountability suggestions submitted by the Central Supervision Team have all been completed. It is planned to handle 112 responsible persons. Due to the laissez-faire indulgence of the "village hegemony" evil forces, the 14 party members and cadres including the former three county party committee secretaries were seriously held accountable.

Henan has responded to the “six black” crimes such as black security, black rental, black property, black intermediary, black parking lot and black slag vehicle, and has continued to carry out special actions such as special rectification of traffic order and special treatment of black taxis. A total of 2,958 black taxis and 1,140 black slag trucks were investigated. The provincial, city and county level three public prosecution law authorities have put forward 316 specific rectification opinions in the form of public security reminders, procuratorial proposals and judicial proposals, to promote the industry authorities to block loopholes and strengthen supervision. During the rectification period, 898 cases involving black and corruption and "protective umbrella" were investigated and dealt with 601 people. Among the 23 key supervision cases that the supervision team paid attention to, 72 people were investigated and punished, and the number of counties and districts where the “protective umbrella” was not broken was reduced to one.

Hubei implemented the “red head geese” project, and adjusted 10,822 village party (community) party secretary incompetent and unqualified, with an adjustment of 47.7%. The newly appointed village (community) secretary was generally praised by the masses. Organized on the network of Yichang Zhoumou, Qianjiang Xiaomou, Tianmen Pengmou, Guangshui Shumou and other four designated remote jurisdictions involving black and evil cases. The 17 accountability suggestions handed over by the Central Supervision Team were distributed to face-to-face with the leaders of the relevant municipal and state disciplinary committees. The six city disciplinary committee secretaries who were relatively lagging behind were concentrated on interviews, and urged all localities to quickly organize verification and ask 226 people. Responsible for responsibility.

Guangdong launched a "hurricane" cluster to crack down on telecommunications fraud, and detected 17,900 cases. The number of cases in similar cases and the number of people's property losses dropped significantly. For the 601 clues that the Central Supervision Team has supervised, the completion rate is 99.5%. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Accumulation has seriously implemented the rectification and correction of 22 issues in the accountability list, and has handled the accountability of 36 party organizations and 174 party members and cadres. The investigation identified 1,402 party organizations in the weak and scattered villages (communities), and found that 214 villages (communities) involved in the ruins of the villages involved in the black have been included in the reorganization of the weak and scattered village (community) party organizations. As of the end of December last year, 21 provinces and cities across the province have issued incentives for the people to report, accumulatively issued more than 13 million yuan in reporting fees, and 3,819 criminals involved in black and criminals surrendered themselves.

Chongqing insisted on using the "key minority" to tie the "most majority" and promote the formation of a level-one, level-level implementation of the rectification work. We deployed special governance on corruption and work styles in the field of poverty alleviation, and investigated 2,320 3,740 people in the field of poverty alleviation and work style. Implement the three-level rolling verification mechanism of the public security system, and carry out “reviewing” one by one of the 415 clues and 3,253 clues assigned by the central supervisory group, and inform the reporters of the 2,800 clues of real-name reports one by one. The 22 clues that the masses continue to report are used by police and cross-checking. After the central supervision team stationed in the supervision, the newly-invested six criminal organizations involved in black crimes, 53 criminal groups (gangs) of evil forces, newly arrested 652 suspects in black-related gangs, and newly cracked 458 cases involving black-related gangs. Achieving the investigation and handling of the black-related corruption and "protection umbrella" all broke, and investigated and dealt with 141 173 people involved in the black and ignorance of party members and public officials, including one at the department level and 21 at the department level.

All the 963 key clues assigned by Sichuan to the Central Supervision Team were verified. The eight key cases were subject to leadership package and supervision, and interviews were conducted with the main responsible persons of the four municipal and state commissions for the investigation of the “protective umbrella”. Notifying and listing the 22 counties and cities with low grassroots foundations such as low public satisfaction and outstanding drug problems, the five provinces and cities with weak grassroots and chaotic problems, the people’s reflection of problems, and the implementation of supervisory responsibilities are not in place. The main person in charge of the competent department. During the supervision and rectification period, the province has found 447 new cases involving black corruption and “protection umbrellas”, 305 new party and government administrative personnel, and 2 new transfer to the judicial organs. Organize third-party organizations to evaluate the satisfaction of the people in the province's special fight against evil and evil, and ensure that the special struggle always conforms to the wishes of the masses and is recognized by the masses.

In the first half of 2019, the National Anti-Black Office will organize the first round of supervision of the provincial (city) rectification situation, and promote the province (city) to continue to deepen the implementation of the problem, continuously consolidate the work results, and resolutely prevent the problem from rebounding. .


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