The first round of ticket sales at the end of Spring Festival travellers “missing” 100,000 tickets


The first round of ticket sales at the end of Spring Festival travellers “missing” 100,000 tickets -The-first-round-of-ticket-sales-at-the-end-of-Spring-Festival-travellers-“missing”-100000-tickets

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Tonight, the China Railway Corporation announced that since the Spring Festival ticket was released on December 23, 2018, the total number of tickets sold by the national railways on January 6, 2019 has sold 200 million tickets, and the average daily ticket sales amount is 13.323 million. Zhang, the daily average increased by 1.895 million, and the number of single-day ticket sales hit record highs. This year, China Railways first piloted “alternate ticket purchase”. As of January 6, passengers successfully cashed in 100,000 tickets for 100,000 tickets, and the redemption rate reached 61.3%, which reduced the number of repeated visits by passengers. The peak of the first round of ticket sales for the Spring Festival Railway this year was smooth.

This year's Spring Festival, 12306 website continues to play the role of the main channel of ticket sales, the daily sales of 11.774 million tickets, accounting for 83.9% of the total ticket sales, more than 96.1% of the tickets sold without verification code.

Beginning on December 30, 2018, the 12306 website began to be pre-sold, and the ticket for the Lunar New Year's Eve (three years). Spring Festival ticket sales gradually reached its peak until January 4, 2019, reaching the first round of peak peak day page views (PV) reached 131.06 billion times and issued 12.82 million tickets throughout the day.

As of January 6th, a total of 170,000 waiting orders were received, removing passengers' active return orders, a total of 106,000 orders were redeemed, and 100,000 tickets were successfully cashed, with a redemption rate of 61.3%, reducing the number of repeated visits by passengers. .

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Wei


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