The flu is high. Duffy is out of stock? Expert: It is not recommended for the public to reserve their own use.



Imported oseltamivir is smashed into a box of 500 yuan by the yellow cattle. The domestic medicine is the same as its ingredients. The retail price is only 35.7 yuan.


Duffy is out of stock? In fact, Beijing stocks twice as many as last year.

The flu is high. Duffy is out of stock? Expert: It is not recommended for the public to reserve their own use. -The-flu-is-high.-Duffy-is-out-of-stock-Expert-It-is-not-recommended-for-the-public-to-reserve-their-own-use

According to the data, Duffy went public in October 1999 and initially sold poorly. By 2002, it sold only more than 5.5 million boxes. However, the outbreak of bird flu has made Duffy "time to operate." Worried about the spread of bird flu in the crowd, WHO recommended the storage of Tamiflu, and governments have sent orders to Roche Pharmaceuticals. Photo / Visual China

At present, Beijing is in a period of high incidence of influenza, and the outpatients of major hospitals are overcrowded. The anti-influenza drug imported drug, Tamiflu (oseltamivir), is in short supply. The retail price of Duffy capsules with a specification of 75mg 10 capsules/box is 298 yuan, but it is currently being smashed to a box of 500 yuan by the cattle. Despite the higher prices, there are still many parents who report that it is difficult to buy. Beijing Youth Daily reporter recently visited a number of physical pharmacies in Beijing, and did not find Tamiflu.




Nearly 300 yuan / box in the pharmacy is out of stock

In a new medical pharmacy located in the North Second Ring Road, the staff of the prescription drug sales area said that there is currently no Tamiflu, only the domestic drug oseltamivir (trade name: Kewei). Kewei's packaging specification is 75mg 2 capsules/box, and the retail price is 35.7 yuan. It needs to be purchased by prescription. "The ingredients of Kewei are the same as those of Tamiflu. The difference is a domestically-made medicine and an imported medicine." According to the salesperson, The retail price of Duffy has been rising in recent years. It was originally a box of 150 yuan. Last year it rose to a box of 200 yuan. Now it is almost 300 yuan a box and often out of stock.

In Jingdong Mall, the word "Dafei" can be searched for only two pharmacies that are selling Tamiflu. One is located in Wuhan, Hubei, and the other is located in Liuzhou, Guangxi. Interestingly, the same specifications of Tamiflu, 75mg 10 capsules / box, the retail price is different, a pharmacy sells 298 yuan a box, the other sells 396 yuan a box, the two retail prices differ by nearly 100 yuan. On the Internet, the price of Tamiflu has been fired by the cattle for 500 yuan a box.

Why is Duffy difficult to buy? Another pharmacy salesperson told Beiqing Daily that since the beginning of the A-stream and bird flu, Duffy has been listed as an anti-influenza reserve for the urban county CDC. “The government department needs to stock up every winter, so the market is on the market. It is difficult to find.” Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that there is a work message on the website of Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention on January 16, 2019: “Multiple measures in Xicheng District to do the prevention and control of influenza”, the news shows that In order to cope with the high season of influenza, Xicheng District Center for Disease Control and Prevention has taken a number of measures. Among them, the reserve of Duffy drugs is one of the work items. The Xicheng District Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that it is necessary to “do well in Duffy and other anti-drugs. The stock of viral drugs, in the high-risk population of influenza infected with influenza virus, timely antiviral drugs, reducing the risk of serious and death cases.




The manufacturer said that Duffy was not out of stock in Beijing.

In the case of Duffy's high price, Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. responded to the media that Duffy has not been out of stock in Beijing, and the factory's stocking volume has actually doubled compared with last year. “There is still a steady supply. But the dealer will save some goods, and these goods will not necessarily be sent to the retail terminal," said the relevant person in charge of Roche.

According to the person in charge, Roche is currently coordinating production plants, dealers and hospitals in various provinces and cities, and monitoring the supply and inventory of Duffy channels and terminals throughout the country in real time to avoid localized problems caused by inventory imbalance. The area is out of stock. At present, the company is fully committed to providing Tamiflu to more than 3,500 public hospitals nationwide, including 164 public hospitals, 36 communities and private hospitals in Beijing.

It is worth mentioning that imported oseltamivir is difficult to buy, but domestic oseltamivir is abundant. In Jingdong Mall, there are different specifications of domestic oseltamivir – Kewei, granules of 15mg 10 bags / box, the price ranging from 81 yuan to 125 yuan, and are shipped from other provinces and municipal pharmacies.




It is not recommended for the public to reserve their own use

According to the monitoring data released by the Municipal CDC, since the 51st week of 2018, the number of influenza cases reported by the city has risen rapidly, and it has entered the peak of influenza. The respiratory departments and pediatrics of major hospitals have ushered in the peak of patients with colds. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the current influenza epidemic intensity is lower than the same period last year and is consistent with seasonal influenza. According to the analysis of previous years' monitoring data, it is expected that the peak season of influenza will continue until the end of January.

The Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission reminded the public that "oseltamivir" is an antiviral drug and a prescription drug. It should be prescribed or prescribed by a physician based on the patient's condition. It is not recommended to use oseltamivir as a family standing drug. It is not recommended for people to judge and use it.

Experts suggest that the most important thing to resist the flu is to prevent it. (Reporter Zhao Xinpei Coordinator / Yu Meiying)


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