The German artist to offering his support to Hong Kong’s protest movement

The German artist to offering his support to Hong Kong's protest movement -81159405_996171877422842_5759368202881493947_n

“Hong Kong Unconquered” is Kiddy Citny’s latest piece of work.

The artwork in Sheung Wan depicts a young woman wearing a crown, emerging from stormy waves and holding a globe under her arm.

The German artist calls the woman “Miss Hong Kong” and compares her to Joan of Arc. “She wants to rise. In order to rise, she has to get rid of all of the troubled water,” he says.

The 62-year-old was one of several who painted the Berlin Wall in the 80’s and said he wanted to do something similar again, having seen Hong Kong’s protests become increasingly violent. He calls his art a gift to the city’s pro-democracy protesters.

Visit the link in our bio to read about protest art and how it has thrived as Hong Kong’s anti-government movement has grown. 📸: SCMP/Dickson Lee
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