The “greeting station” of this bus line in Shanghai has been cancelled, making it inconvenient for residents to commute?Response came

Recently, some residents of Shanghai have reported that the Songjiang District bus line – Husong Special Line has canceled all stops on the way from July 17, only the starting station and the terminal station are reserved, causing inconvenience for residents along the line to work and commute.

The citizen believed that it was inappropriate to cancel the stops on the way of the Shanghai-Songzhou Special Line. He suggested that the problem should be considered from the perspective of the public, a reasonable and compliant solution should be studied, and the stop on the way of the Shanghai-Songzhou Special Line should be restored.

In response, the Shanghai Municipal Road Transport Administration stated that after verification, the two-way direction of the Shanghai-Songjiang Special Line is from Songjiang East Bus Station to the Shanghai Stadium, and there is no midway stop. After understanding, because of the behavior of the second bus company belonging to the line to stop at unapproved stops without authorization, it has been complained by citizens many times, and the relevant law enforcement agencies have also dealt with the violation. After negotiating with the relevant traffic management department, it was decided to cancel the call station for unauthorized stops and remove the non-standard stop sign facilities.

The Shanghai Municipal Road Transport Administration stated that based on suggestions from citizens, the management department will fully consider the actual travel needs of residents in Songjiang District in the follow-up route adjustments, and change the previously unapproved “greeting stations” in Songjiang District to official stations. The restoration of relevant stations will be implemented simultaneously with the adjustment of the Husong Dedicated Line.

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