The highest inspection: the addition of the ninth procuratorate is conducive to the judicial protection of minors


The highest inspection: the addition of the ninth procuratorate is conducive to the judicial protection of minors -The-highest-inspection-the-addition-of-the-ninth-procuratorate-is-conducive-to-the-judicial-protection-of-minors

The picture shows the data of the Supreme People's Procuratorate. China News Agency reporter Li Huisi photo

The picture shows the data of the Supreme People's Procuratorate. China News Agency reporter Li Huisi photo

On January 3, the new website of the People’s Republic of China on the issue of the ninth procuratorate, the Deputy Procurator of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Tong Jianming, said on the 3rd that it is conducive to mobilizing all aspects of society and doing a good job in judicial protection for minors. jobs. The establishment of the ninth hall is a milestone in the judicial protection of minors.

On the morning of the 3rd, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Zhang Jun, the chief procurator of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and Tong Jianming, the deputy chief procurator, introduced the reformed internal organs of the Supreme People's Procuratorate and fully implemented the legal supervision functions. Some reporters asked questions at the meeting, and the ninth procuratorate was set up in the highest inspection, which is responsible for the procuratorial work of minors. Why set up this procuratorate, what plans and initiatives have the ninth procuratorate recently?

Tong Jianming responded that there are nearly 300 million minors in our country, so the protection of the rights of minors is related to the happiness of our hundreds of millions of families and to the future of our motherland and nation. There are two aspects to the issue of juvenile judicial protection. On the one hand, it is harmed, on the other hand, it is victimized. From the point of view of harm, the characteristics of juvenile delinquency are gradually becoming younger, and there is also a trend of adultization and violentness. Some extreme vicious cases often occur. On the other hand, from the perspective of victimization, cases of child victims, abandoned children, and sexual abuse of children have occurred from time to time, and the violations and harms to the rights and interests of minors are very serious. Just now, Zhang Jun’s procurator-in-chief said that when he attended the case of the Supreme People’s Court’s CRIC, he was a case of a teacher’s sexual assault against a student and a serious case.

Tong Jianming said that the judicial protection of minors is very important and necessary. The judicial protection of minors also has two characteristics: First, its specialization requirements are very high. The Criminal Procedure Law has special procedures for minors. There are many different procedures for minors and adults, including the right adults to be interviewed and asked about minors. The implementation of the policy of education, probation, and salvation can be more applicable to conditional non-prosecution, including the crimes committed by him and adults, the division of prosecutions, and the criminal records of minors to be sealed, and at the time of the meeting. A family meeting. The Criminal Procedure Code provides for a number of criminal procedures that are suitable for the characteristics of minors. These are some specialized procedures.

Tong Jianming pointed out that on the other hand, juvenile judicial protection requires high social support. Many jobs require social support. For example, for minors to conduct social investigations, it is necessary to understand the family and social background of minors. It is also necessary to introduce some psychological counseling, and we need some volunteers to give psychological counseling to minors. It also includes the establishment of some care bases, some enthusiastic companies or associations to build specialized minor bases, and special care and assistance for minors involved in crimes or mistakes, all of which require social support. Therefore, the great feature of this work is that professionalism and socialization should be well combined. The better the combination of these two aspects, the greater the function and role of this work.

The special procedure for minors is the entire process of criminal proceedings. Tong Jianming said that the characteristics of the procuratorial organs in criminal proceedings, the public security and the courts are two-headed. The procuratorial organs run through the whole process of criminal proceedings in criminal proceedings, from the initiation of case supervision to arrest, examination, prosecution, court appearance and final execution supervision. The procuratorial organs have strengthened the protection of minors, with special responsibilities and special conveniences. The establishment of specialized institutions will help us to concentrate on the special procedures and special means given by the law. It will also help strengthen communication and coordination with social organizations, mobilize all aspects of society, and work together to protect minors.

Tong Jianming said that the establishment of this institution is also the result of practical exploration. As early as 1986, the Changning District Procuratorate of Shanghai was the first to set up a juvenile prosecution group to be responsible for the prosecution of juvenile delinquency. Later, it gradually developed. Now, the local procuratorate has 24 provincial-level institutes and more than 1,400 city-level and county-level procuratorates have set up special minors' procuratorates, specializing in minors' inspection work. Most procuratorates that do not have this institution also have special case teams or specialized prosecutors to take charge of this work. In many places, there are innovations in systems and mechanisms. For example, I went to the Zhuzhou City Procuratorate for investigation recently and they took me to see the minors' inspection work. All cases involving minors in the urban area of ​​Zhuzhou City Procuratorate are concentrated in one district, called Tianyuan District Procuratorate. This floor is where the minors’ procuratorates work, there are offices, some social counselors, and psychological counseling rooms, all of which are well-equipped. These institutional innovations are very beneficial for the development of minors' prosecutorial work.

Tong Jianming pointed out that at the end of 2015, the High Procuratorate established a special office for the inspection of minors. It was then used as a temporary agency to coordinate the work. This institutional reform, this work is highly valued by the central authorities and relevant departments because of its importance. In the case of very nervous institutions, a specialized agency specializing in the inspection of minors has been established. We call the ninth hall. The establishment of the ninth hall is a milestone in the judicial protection of minors. We will take this as a new starting point and work hard to promote a new level of judicial protection for minors, so as to better protect the healthy growth of minors and better care for the healthy growth of flowers in our motherland.


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