The Hulk Revival: the dining car and the second-class shared compartment



National Railways today, the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway welcomes Xin Ding


The Hulk Revival: the dining car and the second-class shared compartment

The Hulk Revival: the dining car and the second-class shared compartment -The-Hulk-Revival-the-dining-car-and-the-second-class-shared-compartment

The dining car and 46 second-class seats share a single compartment, and the dining car no longer has a single seat. Photo/Reporter Huang Liang

Today, the national railway will adjust the train operation map. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter went into the Beijing Vehicle Depot of the Beijing Railway Bureau to visit the upcoming “Green Giant” Fuxing new car. In the future, the “Hulk”, which is valued by the Beijing Railway Bureau, will mainly replace some trains from Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, Hongqiao and Nanjing, four of which will depart from Beijing Station and four from Beijing South Railway Station.

According to Zhang Mingyin, the general secretary of the Beijing-Shanghai Passenger Transport Team, after the launch of the “Hulk”, not only the comfort of passengers has improved, but also more convenience. The whole car is equipped with seven first-class sleeper compartments, which is equivalent to the original soft sleeper compartment. Each section has a capacity of 40 people, a total of 280 people; the second-class sleeper compartment has six sections, with a capacity of 66 people, a total of 396 people; and two second-class carriages, 98 seats per section. The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that the “Hulk” also had a section of “meal joint car”, that is, the dining car and 46 second-class seats shared a carriage, where the second-class seat was normally sold, and the dining car was no longer single. Set a seat.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily saw that the WiFi inside the compartment was fully covered. Each berth provided two USB charging ports and one reading light. There were two 220V five-hole charging sockets in each sleeper compartment. Smoke detectors are installed in the sleeper compartments, and cameras are also available in the corridors of the carriages. The signs of no smoking are visible at both ends of the compartment. (Reporter Wang Wei Guo Qian)


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