The "long holiday" balance is insufficient, and the return journey is coming soon!


On February 8, the national railway passenger flow continued to climb, and it is expected to send 9.98 million passengers.from

Year-on-year growth of 4.6% from

 It is expected to add 637 passenger trains. The railway department strengthened transportation organizations, implemented measures to facilitate the benefit of the people, and fully engaged in the peak passenger flow of the Spring Festival return.

The "long holiday" balance is insufficient, and the return journey is coming soon! -The-quotlong-holidayquot-balance-is-insufficient-and-the-return-journey-is-coming-soon

On February 7, the national railway sent 9.173 million passengers, an increase of 645,000 passengers, an increase of 7.6%. The railway transportation was safe and orderly.

In order to cope with the peak travel after the holiday, the railway departments of various localities increased their transportation capacity and increased the number of trains in time to meet the travel needs of passengers. Beijing Bureau Group Corporation to openfrom

Jiamusi, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin, Jinan, etc. from

 18 trains; Wuhan Bureau Group Corporation opened Hankou tofrom

Xining from

 Hankou tofrom

Yichang East direction from

 58 trains; Xi'an Bureau Group Corporation's post-holidayfrom

Job special train from

 K4136 train today sailed from Xuanhan to Guangzhou, and is expected to open after the holiday.from

Guangzhou, Shanghai direction from

 The work of the special train is 25 columns; the Jinan Bureau Group Company has opened 29 trains from Qingdao North to Beijing South, Rongcheng to Beijing South, Zaozhuang to Shenyang South, etc. Nanchang Bureau Group Company has opened Nanchang, Yingtan, Shangrao and other places.from

Shanghai-Nanjing, Guangzhou-Shenzhen direction from

 30 trains at night; Guangzhou Bureau Group Corporation opened Hunanfrom

Guangdong direction from

 Trains 137; Nanning Bureau Group Company openedfrom

Beihai, Guilin, etc. from

 98 pairs of EMU trains to meet the needs of short-distance travel passengers; Chengdu Bureau Group expects to open 118 trains, including the demand for concentrated travel of migrant workers in Dazhou, Sichuan, starting from Dazhou and Quxian.from

Guangzhou, Dongguan, Fuzhou, etc. from

 There are 4 passenger trains; Kunming Bureau Group Corporation operates 37 pairs of EMU trains between Kunming and Dali to facilitate tourists' travel.

The "long holiday" balance is insufficient, and the return journey is coming soon! -1549664921_683_The-quotlong-holidayquot-balance-is-insufficient-and-the-return-journey-is-coming-soon

Railway department reminds passengers of friends, post-holiday railwayfrom

Return passenger flow peak from

 Coming soon, passengers who have successfully booked their tickets through the Internet and telephone have not yet collected tickets. Please try tofrom

Pick up tickets in advance from

 When you take the bus, please bring your ticket and valid ID card with the ticket information, check the time, station, train and other information, reserve sufficient time to pick up the ticket, security check, ticket check, transfer, so as not to delay the trip; For fully enclosed, full-line non-smoking trains, please do not smoke anywhere in the train for the safety and health of you and other passengers.

The "long holiday" balance is insufficient, and the return journey is coming soon! -1549664921_81_The-quotlong-holidayquot-balance-is-insufficient-and-the-return-journey-is-coming-soon


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