The main project of Datangxia Junction, the backbone project of the national water network, was completed, and all units were put into operation for power generation

On September 2, the last unit of Datangxia Water Conservancy Project, an important backbone project of the national water network, was officially put into operation for power generation, marking the completion of the main project four months ahead of the construction period approved by the state.

Datangxia Water Conservancy Project is a landmark project of 172 major water conservancy and water supply projects determined by the State Council. It is a key control project in the Pearl River Basin integrating flood control, shipping, power generation, water resource allocation, irrigation and other functions.

The comprehensive benefit of the project is remarkable. In terms of flood control, the joint operation with the basin and reservoir groups can raise the flood control standard of Wuzhou City from once in 50 years to once in 100 years, guarantee Guangzhou’s effective defense against the 1915 flood, and protect the Pearl River Delta as a key flood control area. The target flood control standard has been raised from once in 50 years to once in 100 to 200 years; in terms of shipping, the navigation of the Qianjiang River has been increased from 300 tons to 3,000 tons, and the key nodes of the Pearl River’s golden waterway have been opened up; in terms of power generation, the total installed capacity has reached 1.6 million kilowatts , with a designed annual generating capacity of 6.055 billion kilowatt-hours, becoming the main power station of Guangxi Power Grid; in terms of water resource allocation, the response time for emergency water replenishment in the basin has been shortened from 10 days to 3 days, effectively ensuring the safety of water supply in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; in terms of irrigation, it can Solve the drought and water shortage problems of 1.2 million mu of arable land and 1.38 million people in central Guangxi, and help local rural revitalization.

The total investment of the Dateng Gorge project is 35.736 billion yuan, the total storage capacity is 3.479 billion cubic meters, and the flood control storage capacity is 1.5 billion cubic meters. During the construction period, many technical indicators set international or domestic records. It has the highest single-stage ship lock in China. The word door is 47.5 meters high, which can be called “the first door in the world”. The hydroelectric generating unit has a single unit capacity of 200,000 kilowatts, ranking first among similar units; 26 arc-shaped working gates are arranged at the forefront of domestic dam-type projects, with a maximum thrust load of 6,820 tons; the “one center, two fish roads” has been built. , double breeding stations, and five man-made habitats” is the largest water ecological protection engineering system of domestic water conservancy projects, meeting the dam crossing needs of rare fishes in the Hongshui River for reproduction and migration.

The completion of the main project of Datangxia Water Conservancy Project will further improve the flood control system of the Pearl River Basin, strengthen the important nodes of the national water network, and fully build the “clean energy corridor” of the Hongshui River. The high-quality development of the local economy and society will provide new impetus for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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