The Ministry of Civil Affairs released data: By the end of last year, there were 28,000 unsupported children in Henan.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, recently, some netizens have asked about the situation of parents who have no one to support their children in my country, such as the proportion of both parents who are seriously disabled, the proportion of one dead and the other lost contact, and the regional distribution.

The Department of Planning and Finance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs stated on September 1 that by the end of 2022, Guangdong, Hunan, and Henan will have a large number of de facto unsupported children, 29,000, 28,000, and 28,000, respectively. Except for the indicator of the number of de facto unsupported children, other indicators are not included in the “Civil Affairs Statistical Survey System”.

De facto unsupported children are also commonly known as “de facto orphans”, which means that both parents are seriously disabled, seriously ill, serving prison terms, compulsory isolation and rehabilitation, being executed other measures that restrict personal freedom, losing contact, and having their guardianship qualifications revoked , A child who has been deported (deported) under one of the eight conditions, or a child whose parent is dead or missing and the other parent meets one of the above eight conditions.

In January 2021, a regular press conference of the Ministry of Civil Affairs introduced that at that time, 253,000 de facto unsupported children had been included in the scope of protection. According to the analysis of the National Child Welfare Information System, 114,200 children whose parents died and the other was lost contact, severely disabled, or missing, accounted for 45.1%; 69,300 children had both parents seriously disabled, accounting for 27.4% %; 20,900 children of prisoners, accounting for 8.3%. There are many other combinations, such as 7,700 children with one parent seriously disabled and one missing. In terms of regional distribution, there are 28,000 de facto unsupported children in Guangdong, the largest number; followed by 23,000 in Hunan, 19,000 in Anhui, 17,000 in Henan, 16,000 in Guizhou, and 15,000 in Yunnan. 46.6% of the national total.

In terms of education level, there are 28,900 preschool children, accounting for 11.5%; 109,400 primary school students, accounting for 43.2%; 61,400 junior high school students, accounting for 25.3%; 32,900 high school, college and above students people, accounting for 13.0%, and 17,500 people in other situations, accounting for 7.0%. In addition, in terms of health status, 95.7% of children are in good health. In terms of household registration status, 85.3% of the children have agricultural household registration.

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