The Ministry of Education issued a new policy for independent enrollment in colleges and universities: strict control of scale



CCTV news: A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job of Self-enrollment in Colleges and Universities in 2019”. From the aspects of enrollment policy, enrollment procedures, and strengthening supervision, the “Ten Strict” requirements for regulating independent enrollment in colleges and universities were put forward. Among them, it is clear that all colleges and universities must strictly control the scale of enrollment, and there is no shortage of them.

The Ministry of Education issued a new policy for independent enrollment in colleges and universities: strict control of scale -The-Ministry-of-Education-issued-a-new-policy-for-independent-enrollment-in-colleges-and-universities-strict-control-of-scale

The “Notice” requires that colleges and universities must strictly apply for qualifications, and should not simply use papers, patents, and competitions (activities) organized by intermediaries as the conditions for entry and the basis for preliminary examination. It is necessary to strictly establish admission criteria and further reduce the preferential scores given to self-enrolled candidates on the existing basis. At the same time, the scale of enrollment is strictly controlled. On the basis of the number of students admitted in the previous year, colleges and universities should appropriately reduce the number of enrolled students, reasonably determine the number of candidates who have taken the examinations in colleges and universities and have the qualifications for selection, and improve the quality of talent selection. For the independent enrollment profession, colleges and universities should be scientifically determined according to the characteristics of the disciplines, and in principle, the basic disciplines and specialty disciplines should be the mainstay.


Full coverage verification of the test materials submitted by the candidates

The “Notice” emphasizes that universities should strictly review the application materials, set up a special independent enrollment audit expert group, clarify the audit rules and standards, and use multiple experts to “back-to-back” to independently review and review, to ensure the quality of the audit work. It is necessary to increase the verification of student application materials, and conduct full coverage verification of relevant certification materials submitted by candidates through expert appraisal and contact with the organizer.


To add a sports subject test in the school exam

The examination and management of colleges and universities should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the national education examination safety and confidentiality work and the examination management regulations, and implement the safety and confidentiality responsibility system. It is strictly forbidden to entrust individuals or intermediary organizations to carry out relevant assessments such as self-enrollment colleges and universities. It is necessary to add a physical education subject test in the school examination, and the test results are an important reference for admission.

It is necessary to improve the information disclosure system of the Ministry of Education, provincial admissions examination institutions, universities and secondary schools, and clearly inform the public about the publicity website, so as to be detailed, accurate and timely.

In the re-examination of enrollment qualifications for freshmen admitted to the university, the electronic and paper files provided by the provincial admissions office and the application materials of the self-enrollment candidates shall be compared one by one, and the subject experts who need to organize shall conduct retesting.

The “Notice” also clarified that the main responsible comrades of colleges and universities are the first responsible person to maintain the safety, fairness and justice of the self-enrollment examinations, and the responsible comrades are the direct responsible persons. The secondary school is responsible for the authenticity of the students' comprehensive quality files and other materials for the development of moral, intellectual, and artistic work in the high school. The principal is the person directly responsible.


Those who provide false materials will be disqualified from the college entrance examination

Students who provide false application materials for investigation will cancel their independent enrollment and the corresponding qualifications of the college entrance examination. After they enroll, they will be able to cancel their academic status and cancel the graduation certificate and degree certificate found after graduation. Disciplinary violations arising from self-enrollment must be dealt with seriously. For those who are negligent in management, resulting in chaos in the examination room, large-scale fraud, and serious violations of enrollment, the relevant responsible persons shall be seriously dealt with according to the law and be held accountable.


Self-enrollment registration in 2019 begins in March

According to reports, 2019 college self-enrollment registration will begin in March, the relevant candidates can pay attention to the university's self-enrollment briefing and other relevant information.


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