The national team stopped the ball and stopped ten meters. It is absolutely sad to defeat South Korea.


Original title: (Sports) Asian Cup: After defeat

The national team stopped the ball and stopped ten meters. It is absolutely sad to defeat South Korea. -The-national-team-stopped-the-ball-and-stopped-ten-meters.-It-is-absolutely-sad-to-defeat-South-Korea

On January 16, the Chinese team players left the game after the game.

2:0, the South Korean team is not a bloody blade, winning the Chinese team.

With regard to this defeat, we can find a lot of objective reasons, such as the loss does not affect the qualifying, for example, we have rotated some of the lineup, such as the referee's penalty scale problem … but even if you leave this, the game is still the Chinese team's defeat.

Perhaps our fighting spirit is not lost to the opponent, the players are also very hard, but the technical and tactical content on the field, we are obviously not as good as the South Korean team. Not to mention the role of the star, South Korea, Japan and Europe, a bunch of stars, Sun Xingmin has become the king of Asia, the core role played on the field is very obvious.

Looking at the Chinese team members whose average age is over 29 years old, they are struggling under the impact of the South Korean team. This is definitely a kind of sorrow, but who can blame? Are these players not the domestic leader? Lippi is not the world's top coach. What…

South Korea's coach Bento once coached the Chongqing team of the Super League. He suffered from the Chinese team's basic skills in this Asian Cup. Perhaps, the Chinese players are not bad at stopping the ball, but once they are on the court, they will be able to fight and the Chinese players will not be able to fight. So, we can see on the court that the player stopped a ball for ten meters and each game had more or less low-level mistakes. As soon as the ball reaches the Chinese player's feet, it seems that the situation has stopped. More is a single fight or a flash of light. The football we played was too "static" and too "original".

This is what our players have developed since childhood training. It is impossible to change in one or two games.

In the past few years, the Super League team has achieved good results in the AFC Champions League and can play with the Japanese and Korean clubs. But this does not mean that our players have caught up with Japan and South Korea. In a sense, seven (or six) domestic players have raised the piano, and three (or four) foreign aids have not changed the piano. In any club in the country, foreign aid has occupied a core position. This is not terrible. The terrible thing is that our domestic players rarely participate. In the long run, maybe our league is full of fun, but the progress of the players is not as big as imagined.

In the final analysis, our youth training is missing. Our youth training lacks not only quantity, but also lack of quality, lack of connection with advanced trends. And some evaluation criteria for youth training, more emphasis on the performance of a certain game, a game, then rely on physical advantage, relying on over-age players, can have an immediate effect. But this seemingly shortcut, in essence, hits Chinese football. Under the vicious circle, we have less time, and big or not can't do it.

In a sense, the popularity of the Chinese professional league has caused the youth players to soar. Some players do not need to continue to improve their own standards, they can comfortably get a lot of contracts and transfer fees, and even some standards will decline. This situation is not normal, and Chinese football is “repaying” for the previous detour. But in this case, we will not take the initiative to reverse, then the debt will only be more and more.

The youth training of Chinese football really does not need too many "smart people". It does not require too many "flower whistle". What is needed is a "stupid martial arts" such as Xu Genbao who has been grinding a sword for ten years. What is needed is a solid A number of high-quality local youth training centers that have improved their standards…

Reject shortcuts, keep up with the trend, and lose strength. This is the only way to live in Chinese football.


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