The NDRC responded to Internet company layoffs: no large-scale layoffs


China News Service on January 22nd, according to the "new voice of layoffs in the Internet industry", the National Development and Reform Commission spokesperson Meng Hao said on the 22nd that the recruitment and employment of Internet companies were generally stable, there was no large-scale layoffs. phenomenon.

The NDRC responded to Internet company layoffs: no large-scale layoffs -The-NDRC-responded-to-Internet-company-layoffs-no-large-scale-layoffs

National Development and Reform Commission. (Infographic) China New Network reporter Jin Shuo photo

The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the morning of the 22nd. Some reporters asked about the recent layoffs in the Internet industry. What is the current situation of the employment market in China? What other measures are needed to protect employment?

Meng Hao responded that the employment issue has received wide attention from all sides. We also noticed that since the second half of last year, there have been some reports about layoffs in the Internet industry. Recently, we conducted research in a variety of ways, including conducting discussions with relevant companies and conducting research discussions with relevant industries. Judging from the situation, the recruitment and employment of Internet companies are generally stable, and there has been no large-scale layoffs.

Meng Hao said that from the employment situation, at present, the national employment situation has remained generally stable, but it also faces some new changes. It can be said that there are both "stable" and "change". From the perspective of “stable”, in 2018, the number of new jobs in cities and towns nationwide reached 13.61 million, a record high, and more than 13 million new jobs were created in urban areas for the sixth consecutive year. The urban unemployment rate remained low. . The overall job supply is greater than the number of job seekers. According to the statistics of the supply and demand of 100 public employment service agencies in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the ratio of people seeking in 2018 has always remained above 1, and 1.27 in the fourth quarter. From the perspective of "change", the current external environment is complex and severe, the economic operation is stable and changeable, and there is a worry, and downward pressure will be transmitted to the employment field to a certain extent. In addition, the supply of new labor has been maintained at a high level. For example, the number of college graduates reached 8.34 million this year, an increase of 140,000 from the previous year, and a record high. It can be said that the total employment pressure is not reduced.

Meng Hao said that while seeing the "stable" and "change" of the job market, we must also see the "potential" of the job market in China. China's economic development has sufficient resilience, especially to promote the formation of a strong domestic market and new kinetic energy to accelerate growth. Both will create huge diversified needs and stimulate more jobs. We have the ability, conditions and confidence to properly handle all kinds of jobs. Risks and consolidation of the employment situation to stabilize the overall situation.

Meng Hao pointed out that in the next step, we will work with relevant departments to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, adhere to the implementation of the employment priority policy, and play a set of combination punches. First, promote employment through steady growth. At present, every one percentage point increase in the economy will drive nearly 2 million jobs. We will focus on innovation and improvement of macroeconomic regulation and control, maintain sustained and healthy economic development, and provide solid support for stability and employment promotion. The second is to seize the entrepreneurship and promote employment. We will implement the innovation-driven development strategy, increase policy support in areas such as taxation, financing, and land use, actively develop entrepreneurial incubation bases, and organize activities such as “Double Initiative Week” to encourage more workers to achieve employment through innovation and entrepreneurship. The third is to promote employment through the focus of protection. Strengthen vocational skills training and employment and entrepreneurship services, do a good job in employment assistance, and focus on solving the employment of college graduates, migrant workers, and retired military personnel. The fourth is to promote quality by promoting employment. Through legal supervision, the market participants will be guided to provide workers with more stable jobs, more long-term labor contracts, better social security, and more reasonable salary growth mechanisms to promote the continuous improvement of employment quality.


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