The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home"


Author: Yang Yuqi

The "year" is getting closer and closer. For the Chinese who have gone out of their homes and hundreds of millions of miles away, the Spring Festival is like an alarm clock, reminding them to let go of their busy schedules and return home.

In 40 days, nearly 3 billion people were “on the road”, and the Spring Festival has been the annual scene of Chinese society. Wandering in a foreign land, the waiting room of the Spring Festival is the closest to home, and the new year in the waiting room is the best way to shorten the family distance.

New clothes for parents, exotic products brought back to their hometown, toys that children have longed for… The new year in the waiting room, all about the story of the family.

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot

Beijing West Railway Station during the Spring Festival. Yang Yuqi photo

Kong Mingxia gave her daughter's "Little Pig Page"

On January 28th, the seventh day of the Spring Festival.

In the bustling Beijing West Railway Station waiting room, a large "Pec" doll made Kong Mingxia look particularly conspicuous. In the past few days near the year, this cartoon image has been blushing on the Chinese Internet overnight.

Kong Mingxia, who is holding "Pec", came from Xi'an, Shaanxi. Two years ago, Kong Mingxia left her young daughter to work in Beijing.

I left my daughter to go out and work hard to give my children a better life. However, after two years of running outside, Kong Mingxia said that in the days of accompanying the children, ten fingers can be counted, and this is an irreparable owe.

In order to make up for the lack of growth that can't accompany her children, Kong Mingxia will prepare a gift for her daughter every year, and she must put it in her hands.

"As a mother, since I can't accompany my children, I have to pay more attention to every opportunity to meet." Kong Mingxia hopes that her daughter will be able to understand her departure when she grows up. "After leaving home, I just hope that my family will live better."

This year, Kong Mingxia also prepared a New Year gift for her daughter early on – "Little Pig Page, her favorite."

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857598_458_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot

Kong Mingxia is waiting for the Peggy doll. Yang Yuqi photo

It turned out that in the video chat with her daughter on weekdays, Pig Peggy was the most mentioned topic of her daughter: "One day she asked me why Peggy can eat with the whole family, I can only eat with my grandparents?" Kong Ming Xia remembered that night, I cried out in the rental house.

Not long ago, Kong Mingxia saw the "Red is Peggy" of the Red Network. It was also forwarded to the in-laws in the first time. The second old man gave the daughter a look: "I want my daughter to know that my mother is the same as the grandfather in the play. Missing her, she also prepared her favorite little pig Page.

On the 7th day of the Spring Festival, the waiting hall of Beijing West Railway Station has already been shoulder-to-shoulder. On this day, more than 10 million people have set foot on the train home, and Kong Mingxia holding “Peqi” all the way is one of them.

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857598_413_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot

Xia Jinbo is carrying the edge banding glue and luggage ready to enter the station. Yang Yuqi photo

Xia Jinbo mentions a bucket of sealing tape to his son

On January 21st, Beijing South Railway Station welcomed passengers on the first day of the Spring Festival. In the waiting room where people come and go, Xia Jinbo, 50, tries to squeeze into the ticket gate in the crowd.

Xia Jinbo is from Nanchang, Jiangxi. This time he will go to Shanghai to reunite with his son. Among the luggage piled up at the foot, a bucket of glue for the edge of the cabinet door is the new year he prepared for his son.

Xia Jinbo, who was renovated in a construction team in Beijing, is a thing he is familiar with.

"My son just bought a house in Shanghai. I have to install a cabinet for him in the past." For Xia Jinbo, the best gift this year can give his son is to install the most solid cabinet for his new home.

In the early morning of the 21st, Xia Jinbo started from the construction site of Fangshan and took a 2-hour subway ride to Beijing South Railway Station. Because the luggage was too heavy, Xia Jinbo in the waiting room would walk every time he lifted the rubber bucket.

The son’s new house was created by Xia Jinbo’s family. In the years when I was working outside, Xia Jinbo Province was able to eat and use nearly 100,000 pieces a year. In this way, last summer Xia Jinbo almost made up the savings of the whole family, and paid the son the first payment of the new house.

For the decoration materials of the new house, even if people around him persuaded him to buy it online, it would be more convenient, but as a connoisseur, Xia Jinbo would not be assured, "I look at the pick, the quality is guaranteed."

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857598_312_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot

In the waiting room, Jiang Lujin is eating noodles on the ground. Yang Yuqi photo

Zodiac necklace hidden by Jiang Lujin in a thermos cup

On January 28th, 53-year-old Jiang Lujin held a hard seat ticket to Mianyang, and the servant rushed to the first waiting room of Beijing West Railway Station. This middle-aged man, who is not tall, carries four large bags of luggage and walks up to pant.

In the crowded waiting room, Jiang Lujin, who could not find a seat, squatted on the open space to eat instant noodles.

For Jiang Lujin, a bucket of 4 yuan instant noodles is a lunch, so there is no need to spend more money in the waiting room. Jiang Lujin has become a habit to save money, even in the baggage he brought home, there are still unused shampoo, toothpaste and other items.

But for the Spring Festival reunion once a year, Jiang Lujin paid for the new year.

Speaking of the New Year gift for the grandson, Jiang Lujin opened a suitcase with a copper lock, and took out a water cup from it. The bottom of the cup was a necklace wrapped in three layers of plastic bags.

"This must be collected, so as not to be stolen." Jiang Lujin pointed at the necklace engraved with the rabbit.

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857599_865_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot

Jiang Lujin showed the zodiac necklace bought for his grandson. Yang Yuqi photo

The rabbit on the necklace is the genus of Jiang Lujin's grandson, and this 80-yuan necklace is not a small expenditure for Jiang Lujin, who earns less than 3,000 yuan a month. "I didn't see my grandson for a year, and gave him a gift to let him know that Grandpa really missed him."

In the black suitcase that was specifically "protected", there is also a set of cotton clothes for the 81-year-old mother. "There is only one old man in the house, and it should be sent."

In fact, in order to save the money for running the new year, Jiang Lujin deliberately changed his original berth ticket into a hard seat: "You can save more than 100 pieces in more than 20 hours, and it is better to buy this gift for your grandson."

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857599_79_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot

Hu Fangjun took the electronic piano to his daughter and lined up to prepare for the ticket. Yang Yuqi photo

Hu Fangjun carrying a keyboard to catch the train

On the morning of the 28th, outside the ticket gate from Beijing West Railway Station to Zhengzhou, Henan Province, passengers waiting for the pit stop have already queued for dozens of meters.

Compared with the big bags that other passengers have on their shoulders, the 33-year-old Hu Fangjun is more noticeable. He carries a keyboard to catch the train.

In the crowd, because of the fear of the keyboard being bumped, Hu Fangjun looked around and looked at the case with his hand.

The keyboard is a "surprise" prepared by Hu Fangjun for his daughter. He has been working away from home for Hu Fangjun. He will bring back a gift for his daughter during the Spring Festival. "Children are looking forward to a year and are very happy to receive gifts."

Hu Fangjun’s daughter is 7 years old this year, and the reason why she chose the keyboard is that Hu Fangjun’s wife has repeatedly talked about her in the video. My daughter often talks about classmates’ music training classes.

Both Hu Fangjun and his wife understand that the daughter who has been sensible has never had any gifts. Therefore, Hu Fangjun and his wife discussed that this 800 yuan electronic keyboard is a New Year gift for her daughter.

Although it is inconvenient to catch the train with this electronic keyboard, Hu Fangjun insisted on completing the process of "the father chose gifts and gifts for his daughter."

"Daddy handed the gift to her hand and the child would be happier."

Hu Fangjun said that no matter how good the gift is, it can't make up for the absent father's love. This "surprise" for the child just wants her to know that no matter how far away, Dad always thinks about her.

When the Spring Festival travels,

Bustling train station,

I can feel the footsteps of the Chinese people going home.

About the gift of the Chinese New Year, our lens also captures a lot…

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857599_223_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot reporter 翟璐 photo

He said, "The meaning of 藕 is good, the family has not sold it. Go home and try it for the big guy."

Last year, he spent a few years in his daughter's home in Shandong. He spent the rest of his life in the New Year, so he would go home for the New Year no matter how long he took the car this year. Speaking of this, Gao Daye showed his uncontrollable joy.

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857600_462_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot reporter 翟璐 photo

Mr. Yang, who works in Hebei, transferred to Beijing in Chengdu, Sichuan. The baggage of the big bag was the most popular.

In addition to the children's car, the suitcase is also newly bought. "Go back once a year, bring more with it."

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857600_534_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot reporter 翟璐 photo

Mr. Chen has been working in Beijing for 8 years. He is only going back to his hometown in Henan every year.

The gifts brought back this year, in addition to some Beijing specialties, also have a calendar of exquisite peony. He said that the peony painting in the calendar is particularly beautiful, and he wants to bring it back to his relatives.

The new year in the waiting room, one piece is the story of "home" -1548857600_299_The-new-year-in-the-waiting-room-one-piece-is-the-story-of-quothomequot reporter 翟璐 photo

Mr. Zheng, who has been running the project all the year round, took the train back to his hometown in Henan. At the request of his son and daughter, he returned home this year and took his usual bedding back. The children said that they should wash him cleanly.

In the face of the question of whether or not to bring gifts to his family, he calmly said, "Doing more than two years of money, good health, and returning home safely is the best gift for your family."

In the New Year this year, are you going to bring something to your family?


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