The passenger flow of the Spring Festival continues to grow.



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 (News broadcast): February 4th is the New Year's Eve. The passenger flow of the Spring Festival has continued to grow in the past few days. The railways, highways, civil aviation, municipal transportation and other departments have joined forces to facilitate passengers to go home.

The passenger flow of the Spring Festival continues to grow. -The-passenger-flow-of-the-Spring-Festival-continues-to-grow

Railway passenger traffic has exceeded 10 million for 6 consecutive days. Today, the national railway is expected to send 10.68 million passengers. In the Yangtze River Delta with the largest passenger traffic, the key stations will try to transfer the railway to the subway for one-way security inspection, which can save passengers an average of 20 minutes. In the Harbin, Hohhot and other places, the airport and the airport will open a direct bus service between the air and rail, so that passengers can warmly transfer. High-speed rail stations in Beijing, Changchun, Jinan, Kunming, Nanchang and other cities have established a linkage mechanism with the municipal departments to ensure that the last bus passengers can transfer to the bus and subway in time. The highway passenger transport departments in Sichuan and Jiangsu have realized information sharing, and have early warning of the arrival of passengers on the railway, and rationally allocate capacity.

The passenger flow of the Spring Festival continues to grow. -1549138712_55_The-passenger-flow-of-the-Spring-Festival-continues-to-grow

On February 2nd, the traffic volume of major highways nationwide began to increase. At 10:00 am and 6:00 pm to 17:00, the traffic volume of some sections of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau, Shanghai-Kunming and other expressways was concentrated for a short time. From 0:00 to February 10 on February 4 At 24 o'clock on the day, small passenger cars of 7 seats and below are free to pass. In terms of civil aviation, there are 17,390 scheduled flights nationwide today. There are windy weather in Kunming's control area, and the normal flight rate is expected to reach 74.89%.


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