The peak season for spring plowing fertilizers is approaching, and the National Development and Reform Commission has made comprehensive arrangements to ensure supply and stable prices of fertilizers.

Spring plowing is the peak season for chemical fertilizer application, generally accounting for more than 40% of the annual chemical fertilizer application. Adequate supply and basically stable prices of fertilizers during spring plowing are of great significance to ensuring national food security. The “Notice” requires that all localities, relevant enterprises and relevant business associations should start from various aspects such as fertilizer production, transportation, storage, sales and trade, and take comprehensive measures to ensure that the supply of spring plowing fertilizers is sufficient and stable at a stable price.

The first is to stabilize chemical fertilizer production and implement the minimum production plan for 2024. Qualified chemical fertilizer production companies will “operate as much as they can and should”.

The second is to strengthen the supply of raw materials and effectively ensure the supply of coal, natural gas, phosphate rock, sulfur and other fertilizer production factors and electricity.

The third is to promote the circulation of chemical fertilizers, ensure smooth transportation of chemical fertilizers and production raw materials, and meet inter-regional transportation needs.

The fourth is to optimize the supervision and management of reserves, solidly promote the implementation of reserve plans, put them on the market in a timely manner, and alleviate the periodic contradiction between supply and demand.

The fifth is to strengthen the management of import and export services, ensure that ships importing chemical fertilizer-related products are docked and unloaded at the port, and implement the fertilizer export inspection system.

Sixth, maintain market order, severely crack down on counterfeit production and sales and price violations, and strengthen futures market supervision.

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