The revival will be the first in the world to achieve 350 km/h self-driving


The Renaissance train will shine again – it will be the world's first 350km/h auto-driving function.

On January 2, Lu Dongfu, general manager of China Railway Corporation, revealed at the China Railway Corporation working conference that the current automatic driving technology of 300 km-350 km high-speed rail is still blank in the world, and the China Railway Corporation is organizing the research. The technology will be applied for the first time at the Beijing-Zhangjia high-speed railway.

The revival will be the first in the world to achieve 350 km/h self-driving -The-revival-will-be-the-first-in-the-world-to-achieve-350-kmh-self-driving

Data map: “Revival”. China News Service reporter Yan Zhengfeng photo

ATO equipment instead of driver

The Science and Technology Daily reporter learned from the China Academy of Railway Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Iron and Steel Institute) that the current high-speed trains are driven by drivers under the protection of the China Train Control System (CTCS).

“The high-speed train driver is based on the traffic dispatch command, according to the information of the front signal and the condition of the line. The manual driving controls the start, acceleration, deceleration and parking of the train.” The experts of the Academy of Iron and Steel said that the operation is completed by the driver and the safety is guaranteed by ATP. .

ATP is the train overspeed protection equipment. Its primary task is to supervise the running speed of the train in real time, and automatically control the braking system of the train according to the restrictions of train operation to realize the train overspeed protection.

“With the development of technology, it has become a reality to use ATO (high-speed train automatic driving) equipment instead of driver driving. On the subway, many ATO systems have been applied.” The aforementioned Iron and Steel Institute experts revealed that China Railway Corporation has also In the Pearl River Delta, Wanhui and Foshan have used ATO on two intercity railways with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This is the first time in the world that ATO equipment is used in railways operating at a speed of 200km/h.

Just press a start button

ATO is actually a large system, including ground equipment installed in the station, in-vehicle equipment installed on the EMU, and a communication system that transfers information between these devices.

“After adopting ATO, the driver can automatically start the train from the station, automatically run between the stations, automatically adjust the running time according to the plan, accurately stop at the station, and automatically open the door after parking.” Experts said.

The ATO workflow is like this. After the ground dispatching center has formulated the driving plan, it will send the plan to the ATO ground equipment through the ground data transmission network. This equipment will then send the plan to the ATO vehicle equipment on the EMU through the railway mobile communication network.” According to experts, after receiving the plan, the ATO vehicle equipment calculates the control speed curve for controlling the operation of the EMU according to the current position of the EMU, instead of automatically controlling the EMU's acceleration, operation, deceleration, parking, and driving the door.

Experts especially emphasized that all ATO operations are carried out under the supervision of the ATP system, and driving safety is fully guaranteed by ATP.

Because ATO equipment can ensure the consistency of driving operation, it can eliminate the difference caused by different driver levels, and accurately drive according to the operation plan, effectively improve the transportation capacity.

The domestic CTCS3+ATO train control system passed the rigorous test of 186,397 kilometers.

Compared with the subway with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour and a few kilometers between stations, the high-speed railway with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour runs faster and the station spacing is usually several tens of kilometers.

“Therefore, the type of information content that the ATO of the high-speed train needs to acquire, the coverage of the information obtained, and the processing logic of the information are more complicated and complicated. Therefore, a more complete system solution, more reliable application technology, and more in-depth research and experiment are needed. “The Iron and Steel Institute experts said.

It is reported that during the development of the CTCS3+ATO train control system, the Institute of Iron and Steel has upgraded its requirements for intelligent railway construction according to the characteristics of high-speed railway operation.

From June to September 2018, China Railway Corporation organized the CTCS3+ATO train control system test of the Beijing-Shenyang comprehensive test section. “In 94 days, the test of the train's cumulative mileage of 186,397 kilometers, the automatic driving equipment developed by the Institute of Iron and Steel has been running stably and accurately controlled. It has successfully passed all the test items and will be put into trial operation in the first batch of high-speed rail lines.” The Iron and Steel Institute experts revealed.

At the working meeting on the 2nd, Lu Dongfu emphasized that the adoption of ATO for high-speed trains is an important symbol of the high-speed railway intelligence, and is of great significance for maintaining the international advanced level of China's high-speed railway train control technology. The revival number achieved the first speed of 350 in the world. The kilometer automatic driving function has become another major landmark achievement of China's high-speed rail independent innovation.

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