The Shanghai senior high school level test ends today. Are the questions difficult?See what the experts say

At 16:30 on June 19th, at the Shanghai Xiangming Middle School test center, the last life science subject test of the grade test was over. In the anticipation of the parents, the candidates looked relaxed and walked out of the test room one after another.The Shanghai senior high school level test ends today. Are the questions difficult?See what the experts say -The-Shanghai-senior-high-school-level-test-ends-today-Are

On the evening of June 19, the last life science subject of the Shanghai Senior High School Level Exam was over, and candidates walked out of the Xiangming Middle School test center one after another.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

With the end of the life science subjects, the two-day 2022 Shanghai General High School Academic Proficiency Test (referred to as the “rank test”) has officially come to an end.

More than 100,000 candidates will take the exam in 2022. The Shanghai Education Examination Institute introduced on the evening of the 19th that the examination process was stable, the surrounding conditions of the test center were good, and the examination ended successfully.

The topic of “Shanghai Graded Test” once rushed to the Internet hot search. Is this year’s test questions difficult? The Shanghai Education Examination Institute made timely comments on the test questions after the test. Experts said that the 2022 exam paper implements the curriculum standards, reflects the consistency of teaching and testing, and emphasizes foundation, ability, and application.

Taking the physics subject test paper as an example, the test questions are integrated into a variety of situations, strengthening the examination of combining theory with practice, highlighting the contemporary nature of the situation, and focusing on the connection with technology, nature, and life. In the test questions, “Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft return journey”, “the gliding path of Beijing Winter Olympic athletes”, “the power supply battery of Yutu 2 lunar rover”, etc., organically integrate the situation with the test content, and guide students to use physical knowledge to solve practical problems. The physical problems in the situation, realize the educational value of the physics discipline.

The history subject test questions use various types of materials such as images, maps, timelines, tables, data, and documents to comprehensively create rich and diverse situations such as learning, life, society, and academics, and examine students’ understanding of real situations, analysis and problem-solving ability, and then achieve the purpose of examining the core literacy. For example, from different perspectives such as politics, economics, law, ideology and natural science, choose books that have an important impact on the development of human society and history, so that students can experience the “power of books” in familiar learning and life situations.

Geography subject examination papers have a wider coverage of knowledge. The test questions focus on strengthening the connection with social reality and student life, and pay attention to the cultivation of students’ scientific literacy and humanistic literacy. The content of the test paper adheres to the general direction of examining basic knowledge, basic abilities, and basic literacy, and eliminates biased and strange questions. Physical geography specifically involves earth movement, moon phase changes, plate tectonics, rocks and landforms, major climate types in the world, weather systems, ocean currents, regional differentiation laws, natural resources and disasters; human geography mainly involves population issues, urban renewal, Industrial location, regional culture, geographic information technology application, regional development, etc.

The test paper highlights the comprehensive examination of geographical practice, such as the immersive observation of “Venus conjunct the moon” and the experience of “cloud tourism”, etc., to guide students to conduct geographical observation and discussion in real situations; The proposals for preventing natural disasters in urban renewal and the corresponding countermeasures for “water shortage” in Guizhou are all proposals to solve practical problems from the perspective of geography, which all reflect the connotation of practical geography.

The design of the life science subject test papers is close to the students’ learning and life practice, and a variety of situational materials are selected to guide students to comprehensively use the subject knowledge and laws to rationally and scientifically analyze and solve life science-related problems, which helps to cultivate students’ innovative spirit and practical ability.

In order to cultivate students’ concept of healthy life and cultivate the promoters and practitioners of healthy China, the test paper examines the students’ ability to analyze medical and health problems using the life science knowledge they have learned. The test questions involve health-related knowledge such as human body homeostasis, immunity, and genetics. For example, comprehensive questions related to “immunity”, introducing new mechanisms of immune escape and the frontier progress of immunotherapy targets, students can answer questions based on chart information and apply the acquired immunology knowledge, and test students’ knowledge application, integration and analysis ability. It also advocates the concept of healthy life by examining the knowledge of human body temperature, exercise and blood lipid regulation.

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