The Spring Festival time of the railway couple meets with each other


(New Spring walks to the grassroots level) Railway couple's Spring Festival time meets few encounters

Zhongxin Net Qinzhou February 1st (Zhong Han Yang Chen) "Hey…" The sound of a train whistle broke through the quiet village station, and another train carrying goods was passed through Pingji in Qinzhou, Guangxi. station.

The Liqin Railway Line connects the large-scale passageway to the southwestern region, and it has passed more than 80 trains per day. Here, a group of railway people sacrificed their time to reunite with their families in order to ensure the safety of transportation of all kinds of freight materials. Recently, the reporter visited the railway people stationed in the area.

The Spring Festival time of the railway couple meets with each other -The-Spring-Festival-time-of-the-railway-couple-meets-with-each-other

The picture shows Luo Chi instructing colleagues to work. Yan Jianxun

Liu Xingqun and Luo Chi are a couple of railways. Liu Xingqun is an auxiliary police member of the Hengzhou Station police station. He is responsible for the internal work of the auxiliary police. The husband Luo Chi is the stationmaster at the Pingji Station on the Liqin Line. Even if Pingji stood in the jurisdiction of the Hengzhou Station police station, in order to ensure the safety of railway transportation during the Spring Festival, there were only a handful of time for their family to reunite.

On weekdays, Liu Xingqun will go to Pingji Station to work, but with her husband Luo Chi rushed to talk a few words, the two have to immediately invest in their busy work. Even in just a few minutes of meeting, it is often because of work schedules.

The Spring Festival time of the railway couple meets with each other -1549130583_480_The-Spring-Festival-time-of-the-railway-couple-meets-with-each-other

The picture shows Liu Xingqun and Luo Chi reunited with her daughter. Yan Jianxun

"Every year during the Spring Festival, we met even less. Sometimes I go to work, my husband is off duty at home. Sometimes I just opened the door, my husband is already on the way to work. The daughter is usually taken care of by her mother. Feeling There are too many owing to my family," said Liu Xingqun.

As an auxiliary police in-house, Liu Xingqun is mainly responsible for assisting the police station to conduct investigations, pursuits, hidden dangers, and information collection. Due to her remarkable work results, she has been rated as an advanced security team member and a guardian star by the Beihai Railway Public Security Bureau.

The Spring Festival, for the general public, means reuniting with the happiness of the family, but for the railway couples of Liu Xingqun and Luo Chi, it means adherence and dedication. Because both of them are railway people, they sacrificed a lot of personal time in order to get more goods safely delivered to their destinations on time.

"My daughter is attending kindergarten. We all understand that she needs a lot of time for her parents. I hope that after the peak of the Spring Festival cargo, our husband and wife can take a break together and accompany their daughter to the zoo. Even if only one day, they will be content. Liu Xingqun said.

Railway couples rarely get together for a decent Chinese New Year, because most of the time, the Spring Festival is just a busy working day for them. In the ordinary post, they set up a small home for everyone, guarding the safety of a train. (Finish)


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