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In the depths of the Great Liangshan Mountains, which are more than 3,000 meters above sea level, there is a small village called Auntie. Liangshan Prefecture, where Ayi Village is located, belongs to the “three districts and three states” state-level deep poverty areas. This is where the Yi people lived for generations. Before 2015, the villagers had to climb the rock to get out of the mountains. Go down the mountain for a day and go up the mountain for another day. They almost eat potatoes and buckwheat, and pigs and chickens are hard to sell.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | -The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens

In 2016, the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company fixed a point to help Ayi Village, and the transfer came. Wang Xiaobing was sent to Ayi Village as the first secretary. He also has a name for the Yi family, called Asurug. “We Ayi Village concentrated 73 households with 309 poor households around the village committees that are more suitable for human settlements and more complete facilities. After they have been relocated, we will further improve them. For example, branch activity rooms and culture The supporting facilities such as the room and the medical room allow the people to have a more comfortable environment in this place.”

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | -1546509122_926_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens

Moving from an adobe house to a new home is only the first step. If you make money, you will be called a good day. Wang Xiaobing took the lead in setting up the Lihuo Agricultural Company, and then set up a cooperative and used the e-commerce platform to form a new model for industrial poverty alleviation. Fritillaria is one of the most suitable herbs for planting in Ayi Village. Poor households come to planting bases to work, not only to earn votes, but also to learn technology. From 2015 to 2017, the per capita annual income of poor households in Ayi Village increased from 1,500 yuan to 5,503 yuan.

The land retains the industry, but it does not retain the young people who want to go out.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | -1546509122_256_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens

Awati, a small county in southern Xinjiang, is mainly agricultural, and is the same as the “three districts and three states” in the national deep poverty zone. The cultivation of cotton is the most important source of income for the people. There are fewer factories here and fewer workers are needed. But today's young people don't want to pick cotton only for a lifetime, and can go to other places to see.

In the past two years, they have realized the dream of going out and working in 30 or 40 enterprises across the country. Thanks to the young people in the county – the deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Long Zhenyu. He traveled all the year round in Anhui, Sichuan and other places to find cooperative enterprises for the surplus labor force in Awati County. “I am the largest contractor in Awati County. As long as the phone is the one, or which labor company calls, and I look at the number, I know, I am looking for someone.”

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | -1546509122_867_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens

However, when Long Zhenyu started to go to various places to find a cooperative enterprise, it was not so smooth: “If you look at the business, you are so young? Maybe not written on your face, but the heart may be two words – liar.” Yu was initially frustrated, but he still got up and went to a home company.

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | -1546509123_393_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens

Since last year, his efforts have paid off – several companies have reached employment agreements with Awati County. This year, there is also good news: “It is just this year, there are more than 1,500 people in Awati County going to work in foreign enterprises, including nearly one-fourth of poor households. After going out, poor households can earn an average of 30,000 a year. Diversified, the highest is nearly 60,000 yuan. They no longer need to collect cotton, no longer a poor household.”

The story of poverty alleviation in the lens | -1546509123_11_The-story-of-poverty-alleviation-in-the-lens

Wang Xiaobing almost rode his motorcycle to the industrial base every day to teach the villagers how to plant. At this time, Aksu Railway Station, a new group of young people, is waiting for the train. The world is wide and the future is boundless.

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