The success of the No. 4 mission was successful in China.



CCTV news At 11:47 on the 11th, the No. 4 lander and the Yutu No. 2 patrol, successfully completed the two-way mutual shooting under the support of the “Bridge Bridge” relay star, marking the successful completion of the No. 4 mission.

For the first time in human history, the No. 4 mission realized the soft landing and patrol survey of the spacecraft on the back of the moon, and realized the relay communication with the Earth on the back of the moon for the first time. In the mission of the No. 4 and 35 days, the "Bridge Bridge" relay star Continuously providing ground-to-ground and monthly relay communication services, China has broken through several key technologies in the field of deep space exploration.

At 2:24 on the morning of December 8, 2018, the launch of the 4th was successfully embarked on the back of the moon. Since the successful implementation of the near-month brake into the orbit of the moon on December 12, the fourth-month orbit correction has been carried out, and four relay link tests have been carried out with the “Bridge Bridge” relay star. On January 3, after 26 days of flight, the No. 4 detector successfully landed on the back of the moon.

The success of the No. 4 mission was successful in China. -The-success-of-the-No.-4-mission-was-successful-in-China

Since the fourth day of the Lunar Detector, the tasks of relay star link connection, payload start-up, two-unit separation, patrol midnight sleep and wake-up, and two-way mutual shooting have been completed. The “Bridge Bridge” relay star has realized the relay communication service to the ground and the moon on the orbit of 60,000 kilometers from the moon. The multiple deep space measurement and control stations at home and abroad continuously track the relay satellites, and the relay star becomes a veritable “bridge”. ".

After the successful completion of the No. 4 engineering task, the No. 4 mission will be transferred to the scientific exploration stage, and the lander and the patrol will continue to conduct in-position detection and lunar patrol detection.


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