The village director acts as a "protective umbrella" for the evil forces.



Black-related "fly greed"

The village director acts as a "protective umbrella" for the evil forces. -The-village-director-acts-as-a-quotprotective-umbrellaquot-for-the-evil-forces

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This winter, Yan Mingqiu, deputy secretary of the former party committee and village director of Qingjiao Village, Haishu District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, “planted”.

On December 25, 2018, Yan Mingqiu was suspected of embezzlement, forced trading and non-state staff accepting bribes. The case was publicly pronounced in Haishu District People's Court of Xiamen City. This is also the Haishu District since the launch of the special fight against evil. The first "protective umbrella" case was pronounced. The defendant Yan Mingqiu was sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison and fined RMB 30,000 and confiscated 350,000 yuan of personal property.

In the dock, Yan Mingqiu lowered his head and squatted. "Please speak louder," the trial judge reminded several times. The man who is ambiguous in this voice, and the construction site of the A4 section of the Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway threatened the construction party to "make the construction materials and the slag to us to do in our village." If there are two people, there is no prestige of the day.


Pulling votes and bribing elections, supporting evil forces, and "running" elected village director

After graduating from the middle of 1981, Yan Mingqiu worked in slaughtering, raising ducks, cleaning, etc., and was elected to the village committee of Qingjiao Village in 1997. This is 9 years. In 2006, he was re-appointed as a member of the village party branch. In the society, he has been arguing for many years. He is convinced that a "power can exchange everything!" but he has no culture, and he has no support. How to gain power?

Just when Yan Mingqiu was unable to do anything, on the eve of the relocation of the village in Haishu District in August 2009, Yan Xiaomin, the head of a local underworld organization “Hongjiang Society”, came to the door.

Yan Xiaomin said to Yan Mingqiu: "I need some support from the village committee to do the engineering materials business. I will give you 100,000 yuan to help you run for the village head. After you are elected, help me to fight for the benefits, and make money to share with everyone!" At the beginning of the temptation of power, Yan Mingqiu was hesitant at first. "I am already a member of the village party branch, and the official responsibility is not that big." At this time, I also want to use the platform of the village committee to get some "small" beauty of "oil and water". A certain Wu also came to the door, promised that as long as Yan Mingqiu campaigned for the village head, he would give him 300,000 yuan "sponsorship fee." This time, Yan Mingqiu no longer swayed, full of promises.

The plan is carried out in an orderly manner. Yan Mingqiu used these two "sponsorships" to buy cigarettes and distribute them to the villagers. On the day of the election, Yan Xiaomin sent people to patrol and stalk on the spot, and illegally ensured "orderly order"; after Yan Mingqiu was elected, Yan Xiaomin was He made a big banquet and paid the bill in full… The canvassing of bribes and the support of the evil forces in the same village, Yan Mingqiu was not only successfully elected as the village director, but also served for nearly 10 years.

After Yan Mingqiu took office, the village-level affairs of Qingjiao Village’s projects and materials were actually controlled by the evil forces headed by Yan Xiaomin. He is only a pawn of Yan Xiaomin, Yan Mouwu and others who "small and profitable". Over time, he has become a "protective umbrella" of black and evil forces, stepping into the abyss of violation of law and discipline.

On August 13, 2018, Yan Mingqiu wrote the inspection materials with tears in the detention of the Xiamen Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and frankly stated that "the election campaign will have the bad motive for using the power to gain personal advantage after being elected." He finally realized that he had always thought that he could exchange all the power, and exchanged his personal freedom and family happiness to the iron window years, but he woke up in the big dream, and it was too late!


“Rewarding” acts as a “protective umbrella”, and the small “fly greed” is constantly rich.

In 2010, the A4 section of Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway started construction. One of the projects, the Leigongshan Tunnel, passed through Qingjiao Village. This allowed Yan Xiaomin, Yan Mouwu and others to smell the business opportunities. Leigong Mountain is a stone mountain. After a large amount of hole slag generated by tunneling is broken into stones, it can be further processed into mineral resources for sale. Yan Xiaomin, Yan Mouwu and another local businessman have been looking for Yan Mingqiu, hoping to get the right to treat the slag by the introduction letter from the village committee. In order to repay the "grace", Yan Mingqiu has determined a "stakes benefit" plan that satisfies all parties: cooperated with Yan Xiaomin to take the right to treat the slag, and sold the slag to Yan Mouwu, selling the proceeds and agreeing with Yan Xiaomin. Five is divided into.

Cave residue is a state-owned asset. How can it be taken for itself? Yan Mingqiu did not "work hard", and Yan Xiaomin did not hesitate to decide to take a strong occupation. After the construction of the Leigongshan Tunnel of China Railway Electrification Bureau entered the site in February 2010, Yan Mingqiu and Yan Xiaomin rushed to the scene to stop the construction. Yan Mingqiu said to the project manager: "In the construction of the land in our village, the materials and slag of the project will be given to us, otherwise we will not be able to start work!" "To do the project in our village, do not inquire about who is the site, Dare to start work?" Yan Xiaomin also said to the project manager arbitrarily.

Since then, Yan Mingqiu and Yan Xiaomin have been assigned to work: On the bright side, Yan Mingqiu is responsible for the "deputy occupied village collective land, to benefit the villagers", to coordinate the district-level and street relations, and to fight for the "official confirmation" of the treatment of the hole residue. In the dark, Yan Mingqiu and Yan Xiaomin were slandered, not only meant that the villagers stopped the construction on the grounds that the land acquisition and demolition had not been handled well, and even directed the "Little Brothers" of the "Hongjiang Society" to the construction site to harass and destroy the temporary infrastructure facilities of the site.

Because of the black and evil forces of Yan Xiaomin and the delay in the construction period, the construction unit was forced to agree to hand over the supply of land materials, which was actually manipulated by Yan Xiaomin. In May 2010, the Haishu District Government held a special meeting to clearly hand over the A4 tender slag to the Qingjiao Village collective and dispose of the proceeds as the village collective assets. However, Yan Mingqiu, who returned to the village from the district government meeting site, concealed this fact from the members of the “two committees” of the village. Instead, he used the convenience of his position to privately issue a letter of introduction in the name of the village committee, recommending the labor force and construction unit that he actually controlled. Signing the agreement, together with Yan Xiaomin and Yan Mowu, successfully obtained the right to treat the slag, and took the disposal income as its own.

By illegally occupying the slag and processing and selling it, Yan Mingqiu illegally obtained a profit of more than 1.52 million yuan, and Yan Xiaomin illegally made a profit of tens of millions of yuan. The continuous flow of cash also provides an economic basis for the development of “Hongjiang Society”.

The small knife test not only allowed Yan Mingqiu to taste the sweetness of “the sesame official” but also the “financial source rolling”. He also found that he could use the identity of the village committee director to freely issue the project bidding introduction letter. From 2010 to 2018, he used his position to facilitate the illegal acceptance of 490,000 yuan of other people's property, most of which was the “thank you fee” that the villagers recommended in the name of the village committee to participate in the project bidding.


Or have a heart to consolidate, but it’s already stuck in the mud.

“Yan Mingqiu was ‘grabbed’? No!” On the broad road of the former retreat of Qingjiao Village, the villagers heard that Yan Mingqiu was left behind by the Haijian District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision. In the mouths of many villagers, Yan Xiaomin is not waiting to see because of the rampage. The village committee director Yan Mingqiu has some contacts with him, but "it is not a class of people."

In their view, Yan Mingqiu "has some skills", was once the pride of the village, is the advanced of the street selection, the city-level media also called him "the urban oasis creator."

Take the pre-hospital community, it was once covered with duck cage lofts, the environment is dirty. In 2014, Yan Mingqiu led the villagers to repair and protect ancient dwellings, build urban vegetable plots, support traditional handicrafts, and make the ancient villages rejuvenate, attracting Taiwan compatriots to invest and start businesses. Many college students have returned to the local area to help develop. Qingcao Village Pre-Society became a cultural and cultural village in Fujian and Taiwan that people remember to live in the countryside…

In the process of building a beautiful village, did Yan Mingqiu move the idea of ​​converging his hand? Maybe, but he has been contaminated by the evil forces, he has already been trapped in the quagmire. When talking with the investigators of the Commission of Discipline Inspection, Yan Mingqiu said: "I have agreed with Yan Xiaomin that he should not intervene in the project in the village." But in the end, because Yan Xiaomin's black and evil forces grew rapidly, Yan Mingqiu had to compromise and "care" the project. Yan Xiaomin’s “little brothers” contracted. In stark contrast to the book of the beautiful pre-hospital society and the Qing Dynasty ancient dwelling house "Dafu No.", it is a black and evil gang gang headed by Yan Xiaomin who has been entrenched in the green reef village for more than a decade. With the "protective umbrella" such as Yan Mingqiu, "Hongjiang Society" quickly grew and dominated the party, and the village atmosphere was turbid and smoky.

In September 2018, Yan Mingqiu was expelled from the party for serious violations of the law, such as corruption and corruption, and acting as a "protective umbrella", and was transferred to the judiciary. In November, a major black-out case led by Yan Xiaomin was publicly pronounced, and the persons involved were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from 2 to 21 years.

"I am sorry that the party has cultivated education for so many years. I am sorry for my wife, children and parents. I am sorry for the expectations of the whole village. I ask the judges and jurors to give me a chance to be a man again…" Yan Mingqiu turned back when he was taken away by the police. I looked deeply at the wife sitting in the "defendant's family". He was in a mess, but his life was not rehearsed and he could not return.

◎ New "Regulations" red line

Article 75 Anyone who commits one of the following acts shall be given a warning or a serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, the party shall be revoked or the party shall be dismissed; if the circumstances are serious, the dismissal of the party shall be given:

(1) engaging in non-organizational activities such as canvassing and assisting elections in democratic referrals, democratic assessments, organizational inspections, and intra-party elections;

(2) engaging in non-organizational activities in violation of organizational principles in voting and election activities prescribed by law, organizing, defaming, inducing others to vote or vote;

(3) Conducting other violations of the party constitution, other party internal regulations, and relevant regulations in the election.

If there is an organized canvassing of bribes, or the use of public funds to canvass, the punishment will be heavier or heavier.

Article 115 If a clan or a black evil force is used to oppress the masses, or to indulge in black-related activities or to act as a "protective umbrella" for the evil forces, it shall be given a revocation of the party's duties or the party's inspection; if the circumstances are serious, Give the expulsion from the party. (Chen Lei Liu Jing)


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