The woman’s "mother" murderer was executed and the prosecutor revealed his mentality.


(Original title: What kind of "dead" makes her "mother" kill?)

One morning in April 2015, at the detention center, a young woman with handcuffs and ankles walked into the interrogation room step by step under the escort of the bailiff. On the other side of the iron fence, judges and prosecutors have long been waiting here.

Seeing this scene, Li Xia knew it in an instant. When she was detained at the detention center, she could not count the 929th day. The judge read out to her the execution order of the Supreme People's Court.

The woman’s "mother" murderer was executed and the prosecutor revealed his mentality. -The-woman’s-quotmotherquot-murderer-was-executed-and-the-prosecutor-revealed-his-mentality

On the way to the execution ground, Li Xia could not return to God for a long time. In her last time, she recalled the 35 years that she had passed, especially the eight years of love and hate that made me end up like this, like a speeding movie, in her mind. It flashed again and again.

Part 1

Li Xia is a native of Gansu and was born in 1980. Although living in a relatively poor family, but because of the family's young and old, housework and farm work do not use her. After graduating from junior high school, she went to work outside alone.

The woman’s "mother" murderer was executed and the prosecutor revealed his mentality. -1547420063_137_The-woman’s-quotmotherquot-murderer-was-executed-and-the-prosecutor-revealed-his-mentality

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

I am immature in my mind, and I can’t eat hard. She doesn’t work long in every job. Plus, she is a foreigner and has suffered a lot. In this case, she is eager to live a stable and dependable life.

In 2004, when working in Yantai, Li Xia met a man named “Peak”. It was this man’s appearance that completely changed her life.

Li Xia is familiar with the work, and the unit arranges her to take the peak. During the conversation, Li Xia learned that the peak had been a soldier in Gansu.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

After many years of wandering around, there was no family to accompany her, which made Li Xia feel lonely and uncomfortable. The peak of this "hometown" made her feel very cordial. After a long time, the peak also had a good impression on this "face" who had a good face and took care of himself.

After half a year of acquaintance, Li Xia resigned from her hometown and the peak quickly caught up. The move of the peak made Li Xia very moved. The two established a relationship of love and went to Qingdao to work together not long after.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

In the first year of cohabitation, the lives of the two were very sweet. Eat together, watch movies, take a walk by the sea, and occasionally, the peak also prepares some small gifts for her. Both of these people feel very satisfied with this kind of life.

The two worked in the same factory. Long working hours, less holidays, and low wages, Li Xia is too tired to work, forcing the peak to resign. Without work, they dwell in the rented house. Staying together all day, the differences in living habits and personality are infinitely magnified, resulting in a lot of disputes. In a hurry, Li Xiayan said that he had used a knife to kill the peak, and the relationship between the two became very tense.

In May 2009, Li Xia was pregnant unexpectedly. Whether she wants this child or not, she has been tangled for a long time. She is not married to Gaofeng, and the relationship is very unstable. If she breaks up, what should I do in the future? I can think about it. Maybe with this child, the peak will marry him. In the entanglement, she told the news of the pregnancy. The peak guarantees that the child will marry her when she is born, and Li Xiaxin thinks it is true.

Part 2

On New Year's Day in 2010, Li Xia and the peak returned to the hometown of Zoucheng, and saw the family of the peak for the first time.

At the peak home, Li Xia knew that the real name of "Peak" was Duan Hua. It turned out that Duan Hua had once fought with people, worried about being investigated, and used the "peak" status outside. The pillow-side person who had been living with her for six years was so deep, which made Li Xia somewhat uneasy, but she was unprepared at the time, completely immersed in the infinite ambiguity of the future, and did not delve into it.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

Looking at the pregnant Li Xia, the Duan family was very happy. The first time I met, the atmosphere was harmonious. According to Duan Hua’s father, Duan’s temper is more violent, loves people, loves you. Her character has also become an important factor in the subsequent conflict between mother-in-law and mother-in-law.

In October, Li Xia gave birth to a boy named Xiaozhi. Looking at his son, Li Xi, who was a mother, was full of joy and hope. "Mother is dependent on the child", Li Xia thought that she could marry into the Duanjia, but when she proposed the idea of ​​marriage, Duan Hua refused again, and her hope was once again shattered.

Not only that, but Duan Hua’s other action pushed Li Xia into the abyss. After the child’s full moon, Duan Hua left his “wives and children” back to Qingdao.

Li Xia’s housework is unreasonable, and her work is lazy. This makes the diligent Duanmu very unsightly and often gives her son a "small report." Li Xia dismissed her family's poor condition and worked hard. She complained to Duan Hua that her mother-in-law had much control and loved her. In the face of the contradiction between the mother and Li Xia, Duan Hua did not care, and became a "hands-on shopkeeper."

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

The problem arose, Duan Hua did not want to solve it, but left it and ignored it. His attitude and behavior, which are extremely irresponsible to marriage and family, have led to the deepening of the contradiction between Li Xia and them, and ultimately it is difficult to reconcile.

For the first time, "Wang Po" had a fierce clash, which was on New Year's Eve in 2011.

Li Xia complained to Duan Hua that the family was cold and tired, and was accidentally heard by Duanmu. The grievances were instantly ignited like gunpowder, and the contradictions were on the face. The two men ripped their faces and quarreled. In the evening, Duanmu called his son and asked him to come back and take Li Xia away.

Three days later, Duan Hua returned home. Li Xia wants to take the children together, the Duanmu disagrees, and also screams in front of the whole family: "When you gave birth to a child, did you have a penny? Do you think that you can have children, who can't find my son? !"

At this time, Duan Hua not only did not persuade, but also poured oil on the fire, saying that Li Xia’s mother “had not taught the children”. Suddenly, Li Xia was angry and arguing with the Duan family, attracting the neighbors. This made the family feel lost. For Li Xia, Duan’s family has no good face.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

Li Xia's laziness is an important reason for causing contradictions. Obviously, they have the ability to work. They have to open their mouths to others to eat, but they still have to complain that the food given by others is not good. Such Li Xia, how can the family members be able to afford it. Li Xia, who can't support her without a job, can't leave the house. Of course, she didn't think about leaving.

At this point, Li Xia had to leave the child and went to Qingdao with Duan Hua.

Part 3

In Qingdao, Duan Hua always found an excuse not to go home. During the period when Li Xia took care of her children, Duan Hua had a new love. After the showdown, every time Duanhua came home late, Li Xia had a big argument with him. Several times, Duan Hua started to beat her and said, "There are no registrations. I want to come, I want to leave, you manage. Is it?"

His words poked into the pain of Li Xia. In the face of such an irresponsible person, can she have a future? I can think of the children I want to feed and the years I have spent on her. She is still lucky and hopes that Duan Hua will be able to change her mind. What she could not think of was that her compromise was in addition to Duan Hua’s intensification. Instead of refusing her own request for marriage, he even humiliated her and asked her to become a "Miss" to earn money to raise him.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

After arriving in Qingdao, Li Xia often changed jobs and could not earn money. According to Duan Hua, because Li Xia was lazy, he proposed a breakup, but Li Xia repeatedly begged him to ensure that he must work well. Later, Duan Hua discovered that Li Xia had been cheating him, and the work was still exchanged. In the fall of 2011, the two broke up.

In the face of Duan Hua's unrequited love, Li Xia pinned her spirit on the child. She often buys toys and clothes and sends them to children. She often calls the mother to ask about her child's situation. At first, the other party also answered, and later became more and more impatient. After a quarrel, Duanmu never answered Li Xia again.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

Love is betrayed, and the mother and child are not satisfied. Li Xia’s heart is full of hatred. Wanting to kill Duan Hua, but unable to start, she passed all the resentment to Duanmu.

Part 4

On August 14, 2012, Li Xia returned to Duanjia again. Only this time, she had two more knives in her suitcase.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

According to Li Xia’s own confession, she is still holding a glimmer of hope, and hopes to restore her relationship with her family.

After Li Xia came back, she accompanied her son every day, but whenever she wanted to be closer to her son, Duanmu would stalk it intentionally or unintentionally. When playing, Li Xia felt that Xiaozhi did not listen to his own words and then beat him. Xiao Zhi will not let her touch her own things at home, which makes Li Xia feel that she is an outsider.

After spending a difficult month in Duanjia, on the day of September 14, Li Xia once again had a dispute with Duanmu, and Duan’s father was not at home at night, which made her determined to kill.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

At 10 o'clock in the evening, Li Xia went to sleep in Westinghouse alone, and set up a wake-up ringtone at 0:30 in the morning on the mobile phone.

At 0:30 on September 15th, the alarm rang on time. Li Xia got dressed and called her mother to lie to the West House. She grabbed her neck from behind and slammed it with a knife. .

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

The autopsy report showed that there were more than 50 stab wounds on the victim. In addition to the knife wound, there are many blunt injuries on the head, neck, torso and limbs of the victim. Combined with the site investigation and Li Xia's confession, at that time, everything that reached out, such as a hammer and a chair, Li Xiong unified the blame on the victim and vented his grievances.

After killing the mother, Li Xia wanted to take the children away, but Xiaozhi cried and shouted without clothes, and the injured Li Xia could not take him away. Thinking of myself will be a dead end. If Xiaozhi lives in Duanjia, she will be implicated. She twitches her hand to her son and kills her.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

Li Xia believes that all her misfortunes are caused by Duanjia, and she has not been at fault and has never reflected on it. She is well aware of the consequences of "killing people", but because of this one-sided, extreme understanding, she finally chose the most extreme way of killing to vent their hatred.

At 10 o'clock that night, Li Xia was arrested and brought to justice in Zhangzhou. In the face of the police handling the case, she said all the consequences and consequences: "I have been following Duanhua for so many years, and I have given birth to a child. I have been abandoned in the end. The best days of this life have been given to him, I am not I am willing! In their home, everyone can look down on me. I can only endure more suffering, and the result is more and more, and finally I will not go back."

Part 5

In August 2013, the Jining Intermediate People's Court held a public hearing to hear the case.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

During the trial, Duan Hua, who had never appeared before, also came. When she first tried Li Xia, she was bent on her death. However, after seeing Duan Hua, Li Xia’s attitude changed. At the time of the final statement, she asked the court to give her a chance to re-do.

In October 2013, the Intermediate People's Court of Jining City made a first-instance judgment and sentenced Li Xia to death for intentional homicide and deprived of political rights for life. After the verdict was pronounced in the first instance, Li Xia appealed on the grounds of excessive punishment. In April 2014, the Shandong Provincial High Court ruled that the appeal was dismissed, the original judgment was upheld, and it was reported to the Supreme People's Court for approval.

In April 2015, Li Xia was executed, and 35 years of life has come to an end.

Jinwei City People's Procuratorate prosecuted a procurator Wang Wei:

No family or friend visited Li Xia during the trial or before the execution of the death penalty. After living with Duan Hua, Li Xia had everything around him. He didn’t have his own friends and life. He almost broke contact with his family. Everything he encountered, no one listened and enlightened, and no one helped her. One. When she couldn't rely on Duan Hua, she thought of her son, but her son didn't kiss her. She didn't rely on it, and she was in a desperate situation. She finally lifted the butcher knife and cut off her own life. I think that there is no independent personality. This may be Li Xia’s greatest sorrow and the biggest cause of her life’s tragedy.


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